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BIOSPACE- (y)our space

When around two or three years back, newsletter was sprung up as a random meander upon the lawns of writing as a medium of expression, not many would have foreseen the present stature that Biospace has climbed to.
Through a gradual and a steady growth curve, Biospace has risen to be a sparkling beacon to many individuals who had been waiting on the side-lines to burst into the scenes in all glory.
By proving to be a medium for people to express themselves in a creative fashion, Biospace has gamed a significant following due to its quality content. Portions like “crosswords”, “know your scientists” and diverse article publications have inspired people with only a medium of interest in such endeavours to share their work with the rest.
There is a healthy inflow of fresh articles for every issue, which also has an interview with a professor- this shows them to the students in a new light.
Biospace has proceeded to a professional and yet fun venture.



After a successful academic year, 2011-2012, NUCLEO has begun taking its glorious path to becoming an international tech magazine. Covering the major happenings in the field of Biotechnology across the globe, NUCLEO has stimulated the thought of Biotechnology being the career in young minds. NUCLEO has made groundbreaking attempts in proving that Biotechnology has the potential to bring tremendous benefits.
NUCLEO began its journey to create awareness among students in the year 2005-2006. With benevolent readers across the nation, NUCLEO’s success has been rising exponentially. The year 2012 marked the beginning of NUCLEO’s exposure to foreign authors. Commenced as a magazine that covered only articles, it has now expanded to include research papers, reviews, discussions and thesis.
Selling over 400 copies in the campus as well as in schools, NUCLEO took a step ahead in reaching the epitome of success among students. NUCLEO brought out the shades of Biotechnology that needed intense research, for example, prostrate cancer and DNA chimerism.
True to its title, NUCLEO has ensured teamwork and cooperation within the editorial board, carving a niche for itself.

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