National Workshop on Bioprocessing strategies for Biofuels:
Production, Modeling, Simulation and Optimization

December 11-16, 2017

School of Chemical and Biotechnology,
SASTRA University, Thanjavur 613401

Date9:00h - 10:15h10:15h - 11:30h
Tea Break
11:45h - 13:00h
Lunch Break
14:00h - 15:30h15:45h - 17:30h
11-Dec-17RegistrationInaugurationLecture 1Lab session 1
12-Dec-17Lecture 2Lecture 3Lab session 2Lab session 2
13-Dec-17Lecture 4Lecture 5Lab session 3Lab session 3
14-Dec-17Lecture 6Lecture 7Lab session 4Lab session 4
15-Dec-17Lecture 8Lecture 9Lab session 5Lab session 5
16-Dec-17Lecture 10Lecture 11Lab session 6Lab session 6Valedictory

Lecture No.SpeakerAffiliationTopic
1.Dr. Debabrata DasIIT-Kgp, Kharagpur.Biohythane: fuel for the future.
2.Dr. Kiran BabuUppuluriSASTRA University, Thanjavur.Bioprocessing strategies for biofuels.
3.Dr. Karthik RamanIIT-M, Chennai.In silico approaches to metabolic engineering.
4.Dr. P.R NarenSASTRA University, Thanjavur.MATLAB fundamentals & Advanced Optimization methods.
5.Dr. Sadhana RayuluNEERI, Nagpur.Modeling in Environmental Engineering
6.Dr Sundaraman, ECE SASTRA University, Thanjavur.Neural network modeling and Simulation
7.Dr. S. Venkata MohanIICT, Hyderabad.Biorefining of Waste for Energy and Chemicals.
8.Dr. T. SathishNIO, Portblair.Metabolic flux network analysis of hydrogen production
9.Dr. K. PakshirajanIIT-G, Guwahati.Bioprocessing for waste fed biorefineries.
10.Dr. Kiran BabuUppuluriSASTRA University, Thanjavur.Formulation of novel biocatalyst for the continuous
hydrolysis of lignocellulosic waste material.
11.Dr. Satyanarayan GummadiIIT-M, ChennaiBioprocessing strategies for production of xylitol and ethanol by Debaryomycesnepalensis.

Lab S. NoInstructorAffiliationWorkshop hands on session
1.Dr. Kiran BabuUppuluriSASTRA University, ThanjavurProduction and analysis of biofuels
2.Dr. Kiran BabuUppuluriSASTRA University, ThanjavurDesign of experiments, Optimization by statistical designs and GA
3.Dr. Karthik RamanIIT-M, ChennaiIn silico approaches to metabolic engineering
4.Dr. P. R. NarenSASTRA University, ThanjavurHands on Training on MATLAB fundamentals
5.Dr. Sundaraman, ECESASTRA University, Thanjavur.Neural network modeling and Simulation
6. The Mathworks Inc., India