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Our Supercomputer - HP rp8400 


About the Server - HP rp8400

HP rp8400 is the leading Superdome class midrange server from Hewlett-Packard, USA. The server is capable of running almost all enterprise applications with 24 Hours 365 days running capability per year. rp8400 is a robust server in many areas.


No of processors, processing speed, yielding computation power (i.e., throughput of the server), mass storage capacity, backup storage capacity, redundant power supply, expandability, customization etc are the areas where this server is  highly competent with other superdome class servers such as PARAM.


High-end scalability

The HP server rp8400 borrows revolutionary DNA memory subsystem technology from the high-end HP Superdome to reduce system latencies and increase bandwidth, boosting application performance. With 16 PA-8700 CPUs, 8GB of memory (expandable up to 64 GB), and 16GB/sec of system bandwidth, the HP server rp8400 transforms the midrange server into a high-end powerhouse.


High-end flexibility

The HP server rp8400 offers exceptional flexibility with dynamic partitioning, unmatched application availability, and goal-based workload management solutions. HP's high-availability feature set, unparalleled in the technical computing industry, improves time-to-market by reducing downtime risk and allowing for more precise resource planning. In addition, the HP server rp8400 has the best performance density ratio in the industry, reducing facilities costs and lowering floor space requirements.

With the HP server rp8400 is compatible with  PA-RISC and Itanium™ technology which will host multiple operating systems on this powerful server. Itanium on HP will support Linux, HP UX & Windows. Our server HP rp8400 is ready for portable with another Itanium server.




HP rp8400 Specifications

T e c h n i c a l   D a t a


Peak Performance

17 GFLOP/s


16 PA-8700 @750 MHz


SMP with 4 cell boards


8 GB (2 GB per cell board)


360 GB (Expandable up to 1 TB)

Backup Storage

i) Ultirium Tape Library  (2 X 20 Tapes), 200 GB.
ii) DAT drive 40 GB.

PCI Slots

15 numbers


One GB fiber optic Ethernet Card.
One 10/100 MB Ethernet card for remote mgt.

Core I/O

System populated with 2 Nos of Core I/O cards featuring Ultra SCSI Controller for internal Media Bays, 10/100/1000 Base T LAN, Management LAN, Serial ports, integrated Web console.

Power Supply & Fans

Dual Redundant Hot Plug Power Supplies, Redundant Hot Swap.
FANS with HP Smart FAN technology.


Crossbar Bandwidth (peak) 16GB/s.
Cell-controller to I/O-subsystem BW (peak) 4 GB/s.
I/O slot Bandwidth (peak) 8.5GB/s.
Memory bus Bandwidth 16GB/s.

* The specification includes fiber interface among all peripherals.


F e a t u r e s

Operating System HP - UX 11i.
High Single Processor Performance.
Increased Memory Bandwidth.
1 Gbps I/O - Bandwidth.
Robust Server with vast storage and backup facilities.


A p p l i c a t i o n s

Running GIS Application – Arc Info with Geoprocessing Server.
Oracle 9i Database.
Wisconsin Gnome Database (80 GB).


E x t e r n a l   s u b s y s t e m

HP Surestore Virtual Array VA7100.
Two 100Mbps Fiber channel Ports.
Disk Enclosure scalable upto 15Disks populated currently with 4 Nos. of 36 GB SCSI High performance Hot plug Disks.
Enclosure capacity to maximum of 540GB with 36GB disks.
Enclosure capacity to maximum of 1.1TB with 73GB disks.
HP Auto Raid Technology.
Raid Levels 0, 1, 5DP(Raid with Double parity).
Hot Plug power supplies, Fans.
Sustained performance, Transfer Rates 90Mbps.
Dual component, fault tolerant, Hot swappable Architecture.
Redundant, fans, power supplies.
Direct Host attach or SAN Integration.


E x t e r n a l   t a p e   s u b s y s t e m

HP Surestore E Ultrium Tape Library 2/20 (With Fiber Channel Connect)

Tape library with 2 nos of HP surestore E Ultrium tape drives and 20 cartridge slots.
Future upgrade path for the library to 4/40 or 6/60 configurations.
15Mbps native data transfer rate and 30 Mbps compressed.
Supporting HP ultrium media 100GB uncompressed size.
Extremely durable robotics, motors, internal mechanisms.
HP OMNIBACK software integrated for Back up.


HP Server Research areas & applications - Focused

Areas of applications where HP Server is being used are as follows.

GIS information processing
Parallel Computing
Computational Chemistry
Computational Fluid Chemistry
Applied Mathematics research
Nano Computing Research
CRM Applications using Oracle CRM
Scientific Software Development using Fortran 77, HP C, Hp C++
ERP Applications
Bio-Medical Applications




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