Construction technology measures development and in direct proportions contributes to deteriorating the environment. What contributions can you make to combat it? Sustainable development is the only way out. Exhibit your mettle through the cube casting event for rising eco-friendly and strong concrete structures.


• Number of cube to be tested: 3
• Size of the cube should be 10 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm
• M35 grade concrete must be used
• An overview of the preparation of the cube must be sent to before 3rd September 2017. (Mix ratio, materials and admixtures used)

Rules & Regulations

• Maximum three members per team.
• Judges decision is final and binding.

Judgement Criteria

• Carbon dioxide emissions and the eco-friendly characteristics of the cube
• 14 day compressive strength of the cube. (Average strength of 3 cubes)
• Strength to weight ratio and economic index
• Accuracy of the dimensions and the finishing

Contact :

Sirisha K

Prathamesh G

For accomodation, Register with your 'Name' and 'College Name' on or before Sept 6th 5PM
Contact: Lakshmi Priya R - 9944742678 , Vijay Seshan-8220036641