EFI's Climate Change Negotium

Preservation of our environment is not a liberal or conservative challenge, it's common sense
-Ronald Regan

Event description

In this Climate Change Negotiation session, the students will be divided into 6 different groups. The groups will represent 6 regions.
1. China
2. European Union
3. India
4. United States
5. Other Developed Nations: Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Russia/FSU/Eastern Europe, South Korea and etc.
6. Other Developing Nations: Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, South Africa; Other Africa, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Oceania and etc.

To do before the event

The country’s basic background will be shared through mail one day prior to the event. Apart from the data given, the students will also have to read about the environmental conditions of the countries they represent, before attending the event.

To do during the event

The groups will have to negotiate amongst themselves and come out with a strategy to achieve the goal of Paris Climate Change Negotiation.
Negotiating Guidelines:
• Formulate your negotiating strategy
– What are your vital interests? What is politically feasible in your nation?
– What do you need from the other nations? What can you offer them?
• Talk to other teams and negotiate for the best possible outcome for your group
• Prepare a brief intervention speech to outline your intended plans

Rules & Regulations

• A group of 3-6 participants form a team. The students should come for the event prepared
• The guidelines for preparation will be shared one day prior to the event.
• Students can use laptop or any other electronic gadgets during the event.
• Students should strictly follow the timeline scheduled.

Final Simulation

The representatives from each region will have to do a 5 minutes oral presentation on the outcomes of their negotiations and give the answer for the following:
• Emission Stop Year
• Emission Reduction Year
• Rate of reduction in %
• Afforestation (Y/N)
• Deforestation (Y/N)
• Contribution to the Global Climate Funds in $


•10 minutes for introduction
•20 minutes for First Round of Negotiation
•60 minutes for Presentation of outcomes of First Negotiation

For more details DOWNLOAD pdf

Contact :

Aravindh Krishnan

Prathamesh G

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