Trail by Surveying

Do you enjoy deciphering codes? Looking for an exciting trial? Don’t miss this one! Use your surveying techniques and aptitude skills to crack the series of clues to reach your destination.

Round 1

Questionnaire based on Surveying and Aptitude. Elimination round.

Round 2

A survey-related problem would be given. Upon solving the question, participants will have to decode a series of clues which would eventually lead to the final answer.

Round 3

Technical treasure hunt based on surveying and aptitude.

Rules & Regulations

• Maximum two members per team.
• Judges decision is final and binding.
• Usage of Scientific calculator is allowed but mobile phones are strictly prohibited.

Judgement Criteria

Points = (120 – time taken) + (20 – Percentage accuracy in area)

Contact :

Ramnath K

Varuna Lakshmi G

For accomodation, Register with your 'Name' and 'College Name' on or before Sept 6th 5PM
Contact: Lakshmi Priya R - 9944742678 , Vijay Seshan-8220036641