8th Sem OE Key List


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..OE Course Code & Key List..

Code School Group - A
A1-A18 SOC Principles of Programming and Design
A19 CIVIL Project Management
A20 CIVIL Food Processing
A21 SOME Materials Managemnet
A24 ECE Quantum Aspects of Life
A25 SCBT Forensics
A26 SCBT Space biology
A27 Physics Laser and its application

Code School Group - B
B1-B4 SOC Web Technology
B5-B8 SOC Sofware Project Management
B09 CIVIL Environmental Impact Assesment
B10 SOME Logistics and Supply Chain Management
B11-B12 SOME Organisational Behaviour
B13 EIE Instrumentation for Environmental Analysis
B14-B15 ECE PIC and Hobby
B16 ECE Avionics Systems
B17 ECE Technologies for Green Energy
B18 SCBT Herbal wealth
B21 SCBT Heat and mass transport process in biomedical engineering
B23 Physics Ultrasonic and its application
B25 SCBT Diseases - Their Origin and Cure
Code School Group - C
C1 -C4 SOC e-Commerce
C5 SOC Music Information Technology
C6 CIVIL Remote Sensing
C7-C9 SOME Industrial Engineering
C10-C12 EEE Non Destructive Testing
C14 ECE Information Hiding
C15 ECE Basic Concepts of Theoretical Physics
C16 SCBT Energy Management and Auditing
C18 SCBT Medical Informatics
C19 DOS Vedic Mathemetics
C20-C21 MBA Marketing for Engineers
C22 DOS Basics of Sanskrit
C23 Physics Optical Engineering

Code School Group - D
D1-D4 SOC Management Information Systems
D5 CIVIL Water Management
D6 CIVIL Coastal Engineering
D7-D9 SOME Quality Management
D10-D12 SOME Principles of Management
D14 SOME Enterprise Resource Management
D15 ECE Electronic System Modeling
D16 ECE Laser and Nonlinear optics
D17 SCBT Intellectual property rights
D18 SCBT Fundamentals of nano technology
D19 SCBT Management of R & D in industry
D20-D21 MBA Development of Business Enterprise
D22* CSE Accenture Elective*
D23 Physics Physics of earthquakes
* Only for students selected by Accenture-Compulsory for them

..Time Table..

MON A B C D22 D22 D22
TUE D A B D22 D22 D22
WED C D A D22 D22 D22
THU B C D D22 D22 D22
FRI A B C D D22 D22
Sat D22 D22 D22 D22 D22 D22 D22 D22 D22
A=A1 to A27 B=B1 to B25  C=C1 to C23 D=D1 to D23 
D22 - Accenture Elective - Only for students selected by Accenture - Compulsory for them  
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