FDP on Functional Nanomaterials | 19th - 20th Dec, 2011


Functional Nanomaterials - Synthesis & Characterization
19th – 20th December 2011

Organised by
School of Chemical & Biotechnology


The functional nanomaterials are the basis of newly emerging nanotechnologies for various device applications. in recent years, nanomaterials with various compositions and morphologies have been developed. These materials exhibit interesting properties, which have been utilized in the development of novel engineering, optical and electronic materials. 

The development of novel functional nanomaterials opens up the possibility of new applications in the fields of Science and Technology. The progress made in the fields of nanocrystals, nanofilms, nanoparticles, thin films, nanomedicines, nanocomposites, etc. indicate the possibility of controlling the structure et nanometer level in order to achieve the desired functional properties.

The faculty development programme focuses on "Synthesis and Characterization of Functional Nanomaterials”. The programme covers lectures on various topics by experts working on nanosensors, nanobiotechnology, optoelectronics materials, nanofluicis, nanocomposites, etc. and laboratory sessions on synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials



Session 1 :         Functional Nanomaterials -An overview

                          Synthesis of Functional nanomaterials

Session II :        Nanobiotechnology

                          Nanosensors and Devices

                          Optoelectronic Materials

Session III :       Laboratory Session on Synthesis of Nanomaterials.

Session IV :       Nanofluidics

                          Nanomaterials Characterisation by Microscopy

Session V :        Nanomaterials Characterization by Spectroscopy

                          Energy Materials

                          Bioceramics and Nanocomposites

Session VI :      Laboratory session on Characterisation of Nanomaterials



There is NO Registration Fee for this Faculty Development Programme. Duly-filled Application should reach us on or before December 15, 2011 along with College/University Authority Seal on the Registration Form.



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