FDP on Challenges in Campus Networking | 19th Dec, 2011


Challenges in Campus Networking 
19th December 2011
Organised by
School of Computing



Computer Networking is one of the most exciting and important technological fields of our time. The Internet interconnects millions of computers, providing a Global Communication, Storage and Computation Infrastructure. Moreover, the Internet is currently being integrated with Mobile and Wireless Technology, ushering in an impressive array of new applications. Yes, Computer Networks are the core of modern networking communication by which Researchers and Developers bring out the networking technologies. High Performance Communication Networks have now become a key technology in determining future research and development activities in many academic institutions and industrial branches. Since 1940, it has gradually evolved into a group of Computer Networking whose types are called Body Area Network (BAN), Personal Area Network (PAN), Near-me Area Network (NAN), Local Area Network (LAN), Home Area Network (HAN), Storage Area Network (SAN), Backbone Network, Metropolitan Area Network (MAN), Campus Area Network/ Corporate Area Network / Campus Network / (CAN).

Campus Area Network (CAN) is a Computer Network, which has an interconnection of Local Area Network (LAN) in the limited geographical area. It needs the network equipments like Switches, Routers for connecting the set of computers in network. In addition, it needs the transmission media like Optical Fiber, Copper Plant and Cat5 cabling for transferring the information from one computer to another computer through the network medium. We have another medium, which is called wireless that has a hotspot from which it offers the internet access over a Wireless Local Area Network through the router connection. Hotspots use WiFi / WiMax technology.

This Faculty Development Programme focuses on the following Nitty-Gritty – Design Issues and Management of Campus Networking, Developing Cyber Infrastructure, Network Security Fundamentals and Network Monitoring Management. Beside projector session, our technical experts would bring in the Live Demo – Campus Network that undoubtedly gives you the answer for all your unanswered queries.



Session I : Design Issues and its Challenges of Campus Networking

Session II: Challenges of Campus Network Management

Session III: Emerging Trends in Physical Layer Design

Session IV : Live Demonstration



There is NO Registration Fee for this Faculty Development Programme. Duly Filled Application should reach us on or before 15th December 2011 along with College / University Authority Seal on the Registration Form.



Dr. K. S. Ravichandran

Associate Dean / ICT

School of Computing,

SASTRA University Thanjavur – 613 401

Phone : +91 4362 264101 / 108 Extn – 175

Fax      : +91 4362 264120

Email-ID: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. URL: www.sastra.edu


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