8th Semester OE Registration Course & Time Table


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The VIII semester classes for B.Tech. students (2015-’16) will commence on Wednesday, the 20th  January 2016 at 8.40 a.m. The following instructions / guidelines / information will help you to understand the online registration process for open elective course registration:

1.      All the students must register OE courses through online only.  The online registration will be opened on Saturday, the 9th January 2016 from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. only.

2.      The Open Elective Courses are being categorized into four groups i.e. A,B,C and D. Each group has a fixed number of courses.

3.      Students will be allotted only one course from a particular group.  If a student chooses more than one course, the first choice will be considered for the allotment.  In the event first choice is not available, the remaining choices will be allotted by the system, based on his/her CGPA.  No request for any change will be entertained by the University under any circumstances.

4.      The Time-Table for the courses is available in the website.

5.      Students who have completed 1/2/3/4 open elective courses under the ACRS mode need to submit only 3/2/1/0 choices.  The choice submitted will be under only one group if there is one OE to be completed, two groups for two OE & three groups for three OEs.  For example : if a student has only one OE to be completed, he/she can choose the OE from only one group and cannot provide 4 different choices for one OE from the four groups.

6.      Final allotment list will be available in the website from Monday, the 18th January 2016 and all students are advised to report for classes fromWednesday, the 20th January 2016 positively.  Only long-term internship students with prior permission will be considered for late joining as per the approved dates.

7.      Students who have already been allotted courses under the TCSPre-induction Training   need not register. Those who have been selected for the NPDStream of TCS need to register for as many OEs as they need to complete during the 8th semester.

8.      Under the long-term internship/Semester Abroad Programme, some students have been permitted to appear for end-semester exam on a self-study basis.  Such students must submit a letter of undertaking duly countersigned by their parents expressing their willingness to appear for the End-semester exam, which has a 100% weightage and the consequentialacademic risk in doing this is entirely theirs.  This letter of undertaking must be sent by post/in person to Mr.M.Raja, Department of Training & Placement by Sunday, the 31st January, 2016 along with their choices of self-study subjects which cannot be changed subsequently.



8th Semester B.Tech. - Dec. 2015-April 2016 - Time-table


8.45 am

9.45 am

11 am


1 pm

2 pm

3.15 pm

4.15 pm














































A=Group A   B=Group B   C=Group C   D=Group D    


8th Semester B.Tech. - Dec. 2015-April 2016

Open Electives - Non-ACR

Group – A
S.No. Code School Course Staff Name Dept.
1 BMEOME809 SoME Materials Management Shri D.Venkatesan Mechanical
2 BMAOMA803 SoH&S Waveletts Theory and Applications Dr.G.Hariharan Maths
3 BECOEC807 SoEEE Medical Electronics Dr.R.Ramesh ECE
4 BBTOBT806 SCBT Forensics D.K.Uma Maheswari Bioengg.
5 BBTOBT816 SCBT Food Processing Technologies Dr.A.Sathya Biotech
6 BCEOCE808 SoCE Coastal Engineering Dr.G.Dhinakaran Civil
7 BEIOEI804 SoEEE Instrumentation for Environmental Analysis Mrs.P.Lilly Grace EIE
8 BOSOOS806 DOS Essence of Bhagavadgitha Dr.T.E.Sowmyanarayanan Oriental Studies
9 BEEOEE805 SoEEE Introduction to Indian Astronomy and Mathematics Dr.R.Venkateswara Pai EEE
10 BOSOOS807 SoHS Japanese spoken Language Shri S.Ramamoorthy Dy.Registrar
11 BMEOME810 SoME/SoEEE Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development[FSIPD] Shri K.Palaksha Reddy Mechanical
12 BMEOME810 SoME/SoEEE Foundation Skills in Integrated Product Development[FSIPD] Dr.K.Ramkumar EIE
13 BCSOCS809 SoC Animation Techniques Shri C.Bharathy CSE
14 BMSOMS809 SoM Marketing for Engineers Dr.S.Selvabaskar MBA



Group – B
S.No. Code School Course Staff Name Dept.
1 BMEOME811 SoME Value Engineering Dr.M.Karthikeyan Mechanical
2 BMEOME811 SoME Value Engineering Shri K.Palaksha Reddy Mechanical
3 BCEOCE804 SoCE Environmental Impact Assesment & Risk Mgt. Dr.B.Subramaniyam Civil
4 BMEOME801R01 SoME Organisational Behaviour Dr.K.Thiagarajan,  Research
5 BMEOME801R01 SoME Organisational Behaviour Shri K.Pasupathy Raju Mechanical
6 BECOEC810 SoEEE PIC and Hobby Shri T.Alavanthar ECE
7 BECOEC811 SoEEE Technologies for Green Energy Dr.Rakesh Kumar Karn ECE
8 BOSOOS801R01 DOS Vedic Mathematics Dr.N.Kannan Oriental Studies
9 BOSOOS802 DOS Vedanta Dr.T.E.Sowmyanarayanan Oriental Studies
10 BBTOBT807R01 SCBT Herbal wealth Dr.M.Karunanithi Carism
11 BBTOBT807R01 SCBT Herbal wealth Dr.N.Ravichandran Carism
12 BEEOEE803 SoEEE Ultrasound and its application Dr.K.C.Lalithambika Physics
13 BBTOBT813 SCBT Health Education Dr.B.N.Vedha Hari Biotech
14 BBTOBT813 SCBT Health Education Mrs.D.Ramya Devi Biotech


Group – C
S.No. Code School Course Staff Name Dept.
1 BMEOME803R01 SoME Industrial Engineering Shri C.B.Maheswaran Mechanical
2 BEEOEE802 SoEEE Non Destructive Testing Shri J.Rajamohan EEE
3 BEEOEE802 SoEEE Non Destructive Testing Shri K.Shanmugham EEE
4 BECOEC812 SoEEE Information Hiding Dr.R.Amirtharajan ECE
5 BECOEC815  SoEEE Thin Film Fundamentals Dr.M.Sridharan ECE
6 BBTOBT814 SCBT Neutraceuticals in health care Dr.N.T.Saraswarthi Bin
7 BBTOBT810 SCBT Medical Informatics Shri B.Alex Stanly Bin
8 BBTOBT810 SCBT Medical Informatics Dr.Thamodharan Bin
9 BBTOBT809 SCBT Management of  Rsesearch & Development Dr.K.S.Rajan SCBT
10 BEEOEE801 SoEEE Laser Technology and its Applications Dr.Rubalya Valentina Physics
11 BOSOOS803R01 DOS Basics of Sanskrit Shri R.Kasthurirengan Oriental Studies
12 BOSOOS803R01 DOS Basics of Sanskrit Shri N.T.Gopalan Oriental Studies
13 BCEOCE809 SoCE Green Technology for Buildings Mrs.G.I.Gunarani Civil
14 BMSOMS821 SoM Group Dynamics Dr.L.Cresenta Shakila Motha T&P


Group – D
S.No. Code School Course Staff Name Dept.
1 BMEOME802 SoME Quality Management Dr.S.Raghuraman Mechanical
2 BMEOME802 SoME Quality Management Dr.P.S.Sivasakthivel Mechanical
3 BMEOME802 SoME Quality Management Shri R.Ravikumar Mechanical
4 BMEOME802 SoME Quality Management Shri R.Jayendra Bharathi Mechanical
5 BMEOME806R02 SoM Principles of Management Dr.R.Alamelu MBA
6 BECOEC813 SoEEE Laser and Nonlinear optics Dr.S.K.Pandiyan ECE
7 BBTOBT815 SCBT Organic Farming   Dr.S.Panchapakesan Animal House
8 BOSOOS804 DOS Manuscriptology Dr.T.E.Sowmyanayaranan Oriental Studies
9 BCSOLS801 SoL Cyber Law and Security Policies Prof.S.Sanjith Law
10 BCEOCE806 SoCE Remote Sensing Dr.R.Selva Kumar Civil
11 BMSOMS808 SoM Development of Buisiness Enterprise Shri Albin D Robert Lawrence MBA
12 BMSOMS814 SoM Financial Markets and Services Dr.J.Sethuraman MBA
13 BBTOBT804 SCBT Diseases, Origin and Cure Dr.B.N.Vedha Hari Biotech
14 BBTOBT804 SCBT Diseases, Origin and Cure Mrs.D.Ramya Devi Biotech


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