The Annadhanam arrangements of SASTRA University filled the gastric appetite of devotees who were in praise of the excellent arrangements. Around 1 lakh devotees who visited SASTRA campus in Kumbakonam during the last 4 days were hospitably seated in a giant pandal and were served the traditional "kalyana saapadu" prepared by Arusuvai Arasu Natarajan in plantain leaf. A team of over 300 cooks, 700 servers and 1000 volunteers were engaged in this mammoth exercise. "Mahamaham is a lifetime opportunity to serve humanity and to this spiritual event that sees the convergence of lakhs of devotees without an invitation, offering delicious food is one of the finest ways of showing Kumbakonam's hospitality" said Prof.R.Sethuraman, Vice-Chancellor of SASTRA.

SASTRA University also successfully deployed its in-house developed video analytics software tool & imaging algorithms to provide real-time crowd estimation input to the police during the last 10 days.


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