Hostel Registration for 2012-13


Admission to hostel for the Year 2012-13

The academic year 2011-12 has come to a successful close and we thank you for your cooperation during your stay in the hostel at SASTRA. To make the hostel admission procedure simple for the year 2012-13, we would be following a hassle free mechanism for which we seek your kind cooperation. Following are the key points for the year 2012-13 hostel admissions:

1. The application for hostel accommodation can be made only on on-line at Wherein a link in the page will direct the students to make an application.

2. The said URL will be active from June 10, 2012 from 9:00 a.m

3. All eligible students will have to submit their application during this time period failing which we shall consider that the student is not interested in hostel accommodation. Only current inmates of the hostels are eligible for application. Priority for choosing rooms is given to final year students to help them better prepare for various competitive examinations. “However, some rooms in each type will be available for students belonging to 2nd and 3rd year”.

4. Some students have become ineligible for readmission to hostel due to lack of attendance / indisicipline / disciplinary action. Such students can know their eligibility status online on May 31, 2012 and are not eligible for registration. This advanced information is given to the students to enable them to find alternate accommodation outside. If due to any reason, they register, the registration will automatically stand cancelled. However, if the undersigned decides to review this decision, students will be allotted rooms subject to availability.

5. The detailed list of students, along with their room numbers allotted, will be displayed on the website on June 11, 2012. All students are advised to pay the applicable hostel fees through the City Union Bank online portal. The portal will be activated from June 11, 2012 and the payment can be made till June 22, 2012 only. However, students paying fees through Bank loans should ensure the DD is paid in the Accounts Department before June 24, 2012.

6. A copy of the online receipt is to be submitted while occupying the room on June 24, 2012. You can start occupying the room from June 24 morning onwards and catering will resume with dinner on June 24, 2012.

7. Students are advised to occupy the rooms allotted to them and cannot request for any change/exchange. Students who are found to occupy rooms other than that allotted will be expelled from the University.

8. All students are informed that the tuition fee must be paid before the payment of hostel fee.

9. SASTRA is not responsible for any delay in online registration or any sort of delay in payment. In the event of any delay, students who are wait-listed for hostel accommodation will automatically be considered for allottment of rooms.

10. Needless to mention that students are expected to maintain the decorum and adhere to the rules and regulations of SASTRA for hostel accommodation.

11. The readmission fee will be Rs. 100 /- the annual Hostel charges per student is as follows:


Room Type

Boys’ Hostel


Ladies Hostel


Single room


15,000 /-







(PV &

Vashista )




6, 000/-

(SV Old & New)
























12, 000/-

Kamadhenu Annexe





Wishing you all good luck in the ensuing academic year 2012 – 13

Prof. M. Narayanan

Dean Student Affairs