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To mould young men and women into value driven, professionally competent and rounded personalities has always been SASTRA's vision. The Moot Society at School of Law, SASTRA was initiated to materialize this vision.Since its inception, through active conducting of and participation in moots, the Society has helped SASTRA achieve a strong position in the Indian mooting scenario.TARKA SASTRA has been an exemplification of this developmental process and the resulting success of SASTRA. This year, by hosting the 13th edition of the Nani Palkhivala National Tax Moot Court Competition, School of Law,SASTRA University aims at furthering its presence in the National Mooting scene. The confluence of all that SASTRA stands for: values, penchant for logic, legal quest and Nani Palkhivala's rich heritage is sure to give you a memorable mooting experience.

School of Law

In a bold step towards private institutional education in the legal sphere, School of Law, SASTRA University had its humble beginning in 2008. Starting with a small but talented pool of students, School of Law is now a successful venture with 640 students. This growth and the responsibility of handling such potent talents year after year is no easy task. To metamorphose such visions into practical realities we have a host of accomplished and dedicated staff members and Head of the Department, Dr P. Ravisekhararaju. School of Law's set mission and programme have proven to be extremely effective and this is reflected in our diverse student population. School of Law hosts students from all over the world, facilitating an accommodative and culturally enriching environment.


"If a count were to be made of the ten topmost lawyers of the world, I have no doubt that Mr. Palkhivala’s name would find a prominent place therein" - H.R.Khanna

Mr. Nani Palkhivala was a multi-faceted personality-a lawyer par excellence, philanthropist, diplomat, author and a pioneer in the field of law. His authorship series, "Law and practice of Income Tax" as well as commentaries on the same have since set the benchmark in taxation and is still the guidebook for all tax enthusiasts in the country.

Hailed as the "Gift of God to modern India" by Rajaji,Shri.Palkhivala was the epitome of persuasion, precision of argument, in depth understanding of law as well as analytical, strategic, charismatic and successful advocacy.

There can be no better way of sustaining the memory of perhaps India's most extraordinary advocate than by instituting an annual tax moot court competition in his name.The Nani Palkhivala Memorial National Tax Moot Court Competition hosted by School of Law, SASTRA University is a tribute to this great man. We invite you to join us to be a part of this intellectual confluence in the blessed city of Thanjavur on the 07th, 08th and 09th of April, 2017.”


  • Dr. S. Vaidhyasubramaniam
    Dean - Planning & Development
    SASTRA University
  • Dr. P. Ravisekhararaju
    Head of the Department and Administrator - in - Charge,
    School of Law,
    SASTRA University
  • Prof. Sanjith S.
    Faculty Coordinator,
    SASTRA University
  • Prof. Sathishprem S. R. Raghuvarathan
    Faculty Coordinator,
    SASTRA University


Student Convenors:

  • Convenor - Anamika Prince
  • Co - Convenor - R. Vigneshwar

Finance In-Charge:

  • M. Nitin Chopra

Intellectual Labour Committee:

  • Head – Surya Teja S.S. Nalla
  • Co-Head – K.M. Kalicharan

Control Room:

  • Head – D.G. Hari Prasath
  • Co-Head – Abhinov Vaidyanathan

Event Management Committee:

  • Head – K. Seshasayee & V. Vinitha
  • Co-Head – Pooja .V

Infrastructure and Logistics Management Committee:

  • Head – H. Haritha
  • Co-Head – Pragash .B

Hospitality Committee (Judges):

  • Head – Rishi Srinivas
  • Co-Head – Akash .B

Hospitality Committee (Participants):

  • Head – JP. Karpoora Sundara Pandian
  • Co-Head – Samson Daniel

Transport Committee:

  • Head – M. Akbar Badusha
  • Co-Head – M. Srivathsa Subramaniam

Food Committee:

  • Head – V. Praveen Kumar
  • Co-Head - Krishnaja Olappamanna



Release of the Moot Proposition


Last Date for Provisional Registration


Last Date for Online Registration and submission of Authorisation Letter.


Last Date for Clarification(s) Regarding Moot Problem


Last Date for Submission of Soft Copy of Written Submission


Last Date for Submission of Hard Copy of Authorisation letter& Written Submission (1 Copy)


Results of the Memorial Round


Last Date for Submission of Soft Copy of DD & Travel Form


Last Date for Submission of Hard Copy of DD & Travel Plan


Inauguration and Researcher’s Test


Preliminary Rounds and Quarter-Finals


Semi-Finals and Finals



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School Of Law, SASTRA University (Venue of Competition)