February 24th 2017

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Department Of Computer Science and Engineering
Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, Kumbakonam-612001.


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A sprawling campus housing a built-up area of over 1.6 million square feet and vibrant population of about 15,000 students with over 700 teaching faculty and state-of-the laboratories have made SASTRA a landmark in the educational map of India. Right from its inception, SASTRA has achieved national standing in terms of academic performance, co – curricular and extra-curricular activities and also in the growth and commitment to social service. SASTRA offers various undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral programmes in Engineering, Arts, Science, Law and Management. The excellence of the academic programmes offered by the University is reflected in the ratings awarded by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) which has reaccredited SASTRA with a new score of 3.54.

About SRC

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SASTRA established Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre in 2002 as a fitting tribute to the great mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan who spent most of his formative years in the temple town of Kumbakonam. The centre housed in a six storeyed structure with spacious classrooms, well-stocked library, state-of-the-art laboratories and computer centre provides a congenial atmosphere for those in pursuit of academic excellence. This centre also houses a museum called “House of Ramanujan”, on the life and works of Srinivasa Ramanujan. SASTRA purchased and renovated the house where Srinivasa Ramanujan lived. The house and the museum have been dedicated to the nation by His Excellency, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, the then President of India. International conference on Number Theory is being organized every year since 2003 to commemorate the birthday of Srinivasa Ramanujan. On this occasion, SASTRA-RAMANUJAN prize (US $10000) is awarded to an outstanding Mathematician below the age of 32 who has made significant contribution in the areas influenced by Srinivasa Ramanujan.


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Kumbakonam gets its name from the presiding deity Lord Adhi Kumbeshwarer. The cradle of South Indian Culture, the town is known for its temples, intricately carved panchaloha idols, exquisite brasswares especially lamps, silk and betel leaves. The place like many other sacred places spread across the country is known for the Mahamaham festival. The festival celebrated once in twelve years coincides with the entry of Sun and Jupiter into constellation of Aquarius and Leo respectively. People from all walks of life take a dip in the Mahamaham tank along with the presiding deities of the town. This occasion is said to absolve the people of their sins. It was celebrated last during February 2016.

About CSE Department

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The Department of Computer Science and Engineering was established in 2002. The department has around 50 faculty with rich Industrial, Research and academic background. The objective of the department is to educate, train and develop world class Professionals and academicians. The Department has well established computer laboratories occupying an area of 8062 sq.ft. The lab has 415 computers with state-of-art hardware and software running on WINDOWS 2003 Server, Redhat Linux Enterprise Server, Dell PowerEdge R430, Dell PowerEdge R730 and Thin Client for Internet and Symantec Endpoint Corporate Edition 12 Software. The Laboratory is designed with Structured Cabling implementing Star Network Topology with high-speed switches and equipped with 50Mbps bandwidth Internet. A campus wide wifi, ARUBA 3600 controller with 36 access points have been provided. National Conference on Advanced Computing (NCAC 2017) is a platform for the presentation of new advances and results in the field of Computer Science. The conference will bring together leading academicians and researchers on a common platform for discussing the various challenges and innovations in different areas of Computing and Information and Communication Technologies.

Call for Paper


The conference will provide an opportunity for interactive discussions with the experts in the emerging areas of research in Computer Science and Technology. Original unpublished Contributions are solicited for presentation at NCAC’17. The topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  1. Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern recognition
  2. Mobile Computing
  3. Soft Computing Techniques
  4. Machine Learning
  5. Data Mining
  6. Big Data Analytics
  7. Distributed Systems
  8. Grid Computing
  9. Cloud Computing
  10. Artificial Intelligence
  11. Software Engineering Management
  12. Network Computing
  13. Multimedia data processing and Communication
  14. Modern data base theory and Implementation techniques
  15. Intelligent Expert System
  16. Computational Life Sciences
  17. WEB information management
  1. Authors shall mail a soft-copy of the full-length paper to
  2. All presenting author(s) and other participants are required to register.
  3. All the registered participants will be issued participation certificate.
  4. Pls check plagarism before submission (if possible)


  1. Submission Deadline: February 10th,2017
  2. Acceptance Notification: February 13th,2017
  3. Registration fee Payment:
    February 17th,2017
  4. Conference :
    February 24th 2017.


      Registration Fee covers Authors kit, working lunch and refreshments. The registration fee shall be paid through on-line fund transfer in favour of “Sastra src ncac ”, payable at Kumbakonam.(A/c No: 500101010854663 ,
      IFSC Code:CIUB0000004)


    1. Category-------------------Author /Participant

    2. Student ---------------------------Rs. 250
      Academician/ Researcher--------Rs.500


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    2. Prof.R.Sethuraman

    3. Vice-Chancellor,SASTRA University

    4. PATRON

    5. Dr.G.Bhalachandaran

    6. Registrar,SASTRA

    7. Dr.S.Vaidhyasubramaniam

    8. Dean, Planning & Development,SASTRA

    9. Dr.S.Swaminathan

    10. Dean, Sponsored Research & Director CeNTAB,SASTRA

    11. Prof.K.G.Raghunathan

    12. Dean, SRC, SASTRA

    13. Dr.V.Ramaswamy

    14. HOD, CSE,SRC


    16. Dr. Sellappan Palaniappan, MUST, Malaysia

    17. Dr. B.Srinivasan, Monash University, Australia

    18. Dr. Karthickeyan Subramanian, MHE, Oman

    19. Dr. Herbert Raj, School of ICT, Brunei

    20. Mr. G.Hariprakash, VMware Inc, USA

    21. Dr. N.P.Gopalan, NIT, Trichy

    22. Dr. S.R.Balasundaram, NIT, Trichy

    23. Dr. A.Senthilrajan, Alagappa University, Karaikudi

    24. Dr. E.Ramaraj, Alagappa University, Karaikudi

    25. Dr. C. Chandrasekar, Periyar University, Salem

    26. Prof.K.G. Raghunathan, SASTRA, Kumbakonam

    27. Dr. V. Ramaswamy, SASTRA, Kumbakonam

    28. Dr. K. S. Ravichandran, SASTRA, Thanjavur

    29. Dr. A. Umamakeswari, SASTRA, Thanjavur

    30. Dr. S. Gopalakrishnan, SASTRA, Thanjavur

    31. Dr. V. Vaidhiyanathan, SASTRA, Thanjavur

    32. CONVENOR

    33. Dr. S. Meganathan,

    34. Dept.of CSE, Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, SASTRA, Kumbakonam


    36. Dr. S. Srinivasan,

    37. Dept.of CSE, Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, SASTRA, Kumbakonam


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    1. Dr.V.Ramaswamy

    2. Mr.K. Arul Mani

    3. Dr.S. Meganathan

    4. Dr.V. Kalaiselvi

    5. Dr.B.Sreedevi

    6. Dr.S. Srinivasan

    7. Dr.J. Sangeetha

    8. Mr.B. Rajakumar

    9. Mrs.K. Manjula

    10. Mr.H. Manikandan

    11. Mrs.A. Sumathi

    12. Mr.J. Senthil Kumar

    13. Mr.S. Prasanna

    14. Mrs.R. Sujarani

    15. Mr.Sheik Mohideen Shah

    16. Mr.P. Sivaram

    17. Mr.Durga Shankar Baggam

    18. Mrs.V.R. Priya

    19. Mr.T.F. Michael Raj

    20. Mrs.S. Abiramasundari

    21. Mrs.K. Priya

    22. Mrs.D. Rubidha Devi

    23. Mr.K. Venkatesh

    24. Mr.B. Yagnesh

    1. Mrs.M. Poornima

    2. Mr.S. Swaminathan

    3. Mr.K. B. Eashwar

    4. Mrs.S. Hemamalini

    5. Mrs.K. Manimozhi

    6. Mrs.T. Radharani

    7. Mrs.P. Vimala Devi

    8. Mr.R. Balakrishnan

    9. Mrs.P. Venkateswari

    10. Mr.S. Gopala Krishnan

    11. Mrs.Durga Karthik

    12. Mr.M. Prabhu

    13. Mrs.R. Bhavani

    14. Mr.R. Varahaswamy

    15. Mrs.D. Rekha

    16. Mrs.A. Menaga

    17. Mrs.J. Glory Thephoral

    18. Mrs.Priya Govindharajan

    19. Mr.N. Rajesh Kumar

    20. Mr.K. RaghuRaman

    21. Mrs.M. Vanitha

    22. Mrs.P. Uma Maheshwari

    23. Mr.A. Senthil Kumar

    24. Mrs.P. Meenakshi

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