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“Blut ist dicker als Wasser”  is a saying of the past. These days one need not expect help only from his blood relations. The growth in technology has taken such a form that even emergency requirement of blood can be quenched! Plasma Compendium is solely a non-profit student e-organization, first of its kind in the country, open to all college/university students with the mission of saving lives.

The importance of blood doesn’t need any publicity. Anyone and Everyone would know the life associated with this fluid’s flow. Blood underlines the breath of life. But people do not tend to miss what they have unless and until there arise a sudden necessity. These unfortunate circumstances make people lose their sanity level in thinking, and offering immediate help during such emergencies is the prime motto of this initiative. And we The Student community of SASTRA take pride in being of responsible assistance to the society through this platform.

For knowing about Plasma Compendium Organization and its structure, working process, and other information regarding blood donation, kindly read our brochure.   Read Brochure!

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