S A S T R A  University  

5 June,2008


The SASTRA University Guest House is available for accommodation for parents and students visiting SASTRA during the time of counseling (June 14-18, 2008). Only limited accommodation facility is available and the allotment of guest house will be made on a first-come-first-serve basis. Request for accommodation clearly indicating the following must be made to srk@sastra.edu

1)      Name of the parent

2)      Name of the student

3)      Application Number

4)      Address for communication with e-mail id

5)      Check-in time and date

6)      Check-out time and date

7)      Date & time of counselling

Please note that accommodation will be available for one day, i.e. during the counselling day only. Parents are advised to occupy the guest house on the day of counselling and vacate it immediately after the counselling. The rent for guest house is Rs.500/= per day. This does not include breakfast, lunch or dinner, which is available at SASTRA Canteen.

Confirmation of guest house will be made through e-mail given above and the parents are advised to bring a copy of the e-mail confirmation before occupying the room.

We solicit your co-operation and welcome to SASTRA!