B.Tech Programmes

  • All the B.Tech graduates are expected to complete two certificate courses of inter-disciplinary nature. This adds more value to their skills and is offered with no additional cost. B.Tech. students also have the option of graduating with a B.Tech. (Honors) degree.

  • The students of the first year undergo a rigorous and well-planned curriculum for a smooth transition from their school to a professional, engineering education.

  • They undergo theoretical and practical courses in Physical Sciences, Computer Science, courses on Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Basic Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering Mechanics and Engineering Drawing to provide them the right orientation towards a full-fledged engineering degree programme.

  • The introduction of Basic Workshop and the exposure to carpentry, smithy, foundry and welding practices give them a 'feel' of the industry as they begin a professional course. The accent on computer - based practical courses and the use of software to execute Engineering Drawing, gives the students a winning edge in concept assimilation.

  • A value-added credit course on HR skills and Training and Placement classes in the regular time  table are the special features of the curriculum. Aptitude test, skill - enhancing methodologies, communication and leadership skills imparted through this training, tune the students to the industrial needs and make them employable.

  • Orientation and remedial packages in English for weaker students are imparted suitably to raise their level of performance.

  • Students are encouraged to undergo industrial internship

  • Tour to industries, R&D laboratories and institutes of higher learning are conducted to give a better exposure to students.