"Our work is the presentation of our capabilities."                                                                                             -Edward Gibbon

We invite papers pertaining to the theme "Deep Space Exploration " and related domains. Open for all departments and branches.

All papers should be in currently prescribed IEEE format.
Abstract & Papers should be mailed to The Convenor (SINC'14): seds.praveen@gmail.com before the mentioned deadlines.

Suggested Topics

1)Interplanetry Missions with Miniaturized Satellites

2)Energy for Deep Space Missions: Space Based Refueling

3)Commercialisation of Space

4)Super High Speed Communication for Interplanetary Exploration

5)Spaceflight Mechanism to Explore Outerspace

6)The Expanding Universe!

7)Human Space Settlements

8)The Need for Exploring Space

9)Astro Biology & Alien Life

10)Gold Rush in Space: Asteroid Mining

Papers need not be restricted to the above mentioned topics and can be versatile.

TaskDead Line
Submission of abstracts 16th February,2014
Intimation for Selected Abstracts 18th February,2014
Submission of Full Paper 22th February,2014
Intimation for Selected Papers 26th February,2014

Prize money and other details shall be announced shortly.