SASTRA university,SRC campus.


<h1>SPARK WIZ</H1> <hr> Round 1: FACILE FIELDS  <br>Spark Wiz introduces “Facile Fields” which consists of simple math ,<br> aptitude and technical questions in the form of MCQ s and assertion.<BR>
<hr>Round 2: FRISKY TANGLE	<br> Spark Wiz introduces “Frisky Tangle” which tests your imagination and other skills. This round consists of <br>
 anagrams and some entertaining stuffs like rebuses, puzzles  and so on. <br>
  <hr>Round 3: RECKLESS RECTIFIERS <br>Spark Wiz introduces “Reckless Rectifiers” which enters a bit deep into the technical yard and  <br>
  few creative articles. Calculators and other components will be provided and the final round tests the<br>
  imagination and creativity of the participants.<hr>

SRUTHI. R   				 III EEE  218005051        8682000408 <br>
SAIRAM  SUBRAMANIAM. C  	 III EEE   218005041       9944698063<br>
SHEIK RASHEED  S                     	 III EEE   218005046        8870101047<br>
NAGARAJAN .V.V   		           III EEE   218005029        9442307226<br>
<h1>TECH-SPIEL</H1> <hr> ROUND-1: BRAKE-THROUGH<br>It consists of MCQ’s based on logical thinking, current affairs, basic electrical. <br>
	  If you are really a techie try to solve this before the clock ticks… this round is applicable for  techies<BR>
<hr>ROUND-2: ELECTROCUTE<br> This round consists of two sessions each comprising of 20 minutes. <br>
The first session will be of word surfing. The candidates want to find the electrical terms related <br>
to the questions. The second session will be of cross word you want to crack it or else??? <br>

  <hr>ROUND-3: FUZZY LOGICS <br>This round will be of connecting simple electrical circuits and you want to go through your <br>
  surroundings and you want to find the components required for your circuit and connect it.<br>
  After finishing this you want to describe about the working of the circuit. Let’s check your reactivity.<hr>
1.	AATHITHYAA. T. U- 218005001- III B.TECH-EEE- 7667757726 <br>
2.	A. YAKHUB KHAN-218005005- III B.TECH-EEE- 8056290678<br>
3.	P.KEERTHANA- 218005024- III B.TECH-EEE- 9677854395<br>
4.	S.VIJAYADURGA-218005055- III B.TECH-EEE-8220031413<br>
<h1>ELECTROFEST</H1> <hr> ROUND1: SHINEWIZ<br>This round consists of  simple Aptitude Questions, MCQ type questions regarding  Technical, <br>
	  Logical & Political concepts .This round is to be  played only by using THETA App with help of internet .<br>
	  Solve the questions before the times runs out !!  <br>
<hr>ROUND2 :TECHIE BALL<br> Topics for this round includes  recent inventions in technologies ,word puzzles by using the clues<br>
 based on the following criteria .The remaining part deals  with basic reasoning’s .<br>
 Sufficient time will be given to the participant to prepare .This round is <br>
 to be played by using pen &paper.
  <hr>ROUND3: ELECTRICO JUEGOS<br> You need not burn your calories ,just sit aside and crack the puzzle <br>
  .A Clipping of video or picture  will be displayed on the screen. Participants  want to <br>
  identify the answer and give a brief description about it. This is of oral type. The picture <br>
  takes the form of electrical components and circuit diagrams .<hr>
S.KAVERIPRIYA				         218005023		9444979151<br>
P.ANITHA					         218005006		8675676677<br>
ABINESH					         218005002		7868891910<br>
SOMA CHAITHANYA KUMAR	         218005048		9655897794<br>
<h1>FUNSPARKZ </H1> <hr> ROUND 1:CURRENTS<br>FUNSPARKZ  introduces “CURRENTS”  which  contains  of day to day activites <br>
	  around the world.The questions will be simple in the form of MCQS(Multiple Choice Question) and assertion. <br>
<hr>ROUND 2:CONNECTIONS<br> FUNSPARKZ introuduces “CONNECTIONS” which test your innovative ideas and other skills.<br>
This round consist of images which you have to relate them and <br>
obtain your answers in an unique way.
  <hr>ROUND 3:MAZE<br> FUNSPARKZ introduces “MAZE” which is an completely out of box thinking event.<br>
  This event tests your mind skillfully.The event consist of puzzles,clues, <br>
  Rebuses and so on.You have to identify the maze around the environment as quick as possible. <hr>
3'rd-EEE     218005022

<h1>ELECTRO BOLT</H1> <hr> Round 1 Circuit Squad<br>This round is a matter of keen observation.5 to 6 slides with a picture of   <br>
	  circuit/element/connections with a question will be displayed for 10seconds each team is allowed to observe and <br>
	  answer in the given time and team will provided to discuss. <br>
<hr>Round 2 Anagrams<br> The objective is to find the hidden component in the given figure the team <br>
and we will ask some question about the missing component and the team which finds <br>
 the maximum of component and also answering our question will be declared<br>
 as the winner points will be allocated as per there finding components. The team <br>
 will not allow discussion at the time of answering to the question.<br>
<hr>Round 3 Twist in tale <br> The main objective of the event is workout with the real time components <br>
and the clues are given to teams the points are awarded for the teams by their performance.<hr>
B.BALAJI 			          3rdB.Tech ECE		9698493344 <br>
R.KALYANAKRISHNAN       3rdB.Tech ECE		9994142968<br>
V.GOWRI				3rdB.TechECE		8608464346<br>
HARI PRIYA		          3rdB.TechECE		7871876254<br>
JONNAKUTI NIKIL SAI	3rdB.TechECE		7402555455<br>
P.OVIYA				3rdB.TechECE<br>
<h1>TECHNOBLAZE</H1> <hr>ROUND1:BAFFLE  IT<br>A preliminary round of technical quiz where teams with amazing dexterity will make <br>
	  it into the next round.So brace yourself to wrestle with the best brains of the youth.<br>
	  This is a war of the gray cells!.   <br>
<hr>ROUND2:SHERLOCK  CHARADE<br> Get inspired from the matchless detectives of all time. Snoop through <br>
the clues right under your nose to find the correct technical word.<br>
<hr>ROUND3:EUREKA<br> You need to rack your brains to analyse the real time problems given to you. <br>
Wake up the critical thinker in you, roll your sleeves and rush to win the race.<hr>
K.SRIVIDHYA         <br>                         
R.ANISHA          <br>                               
R.BALA HARI PRASATH  <br>             
CH.HEMANTH         <br>                     
B.ARVIND        <br>
<h1>TECH-SURF</H1> <hr>ROUND 1: MIND SWEEPER<br>This will be a round in which the participant’s abilities<br>
	  to crack the general questions on various aspects like aptitude, basics of electronics, riddles, verbal and general <br>knowledge will be tested with
	  fun filled questions. You will be experiencing it using a mobile app. 
<hr>ROUND 2: CIRCUIT MASTHI<br> This round consists of questions which will be posted in the <br>
website of THETA from which the participants must 
design the simplest form of the circuit and are to supposed to give <br>a brief demonstration 
on its 
working and other aspects. The score will be given on the accuracy of the <hr>circuit that the participant designs.
<hr>ROUND 3: THUNDER BOLT<br> Do you the thirst of doing amazing things with Arduino? <br>
 If so we are here with the perfect event for you. The problem will begiven on <br>
 spot for the participants but the participants are allowed to browse for the
 basics details they may require.<hr>
ISWARYA.B			3rd B. Tech ECE		9600764264 <br>
RAMYA.R			 	3rd B. Tech ECE		9487982116<br>
GAYATHRI.R			3rd B. Tech ECE		9003406237<br>
SHAKINA BEE.S			3rd B. Tech ECE		9003946087<br>
MULIKI SAI TEJA		          3rd B. Tech ECE		9704777879<br>
C.VENKATA NAGARJUNA	3rd B. Tech ECE		9493389480<br>
<h1>GADGETS</H1> <hr>Round 1: ALPHA  NUTS<br>This round consists of  general and technical quiz. Each team will face<br>
	  individually 26 questions .and their answers will be in the order of alphabets ‘a’ to ‘z’.<hr>
ROUND 2: INFOCOLLECT<br> 10 teams are selected from previous rounds based on points and they should choose their topic!!Topics like,<br>
 Recent trends in technology (eg: smart city) will be given prior to this round .<br>
 The participants can Google it and must present the collected information in an innovative <br>
 way for 2-3 minutes. Sufficient time will be given to prepare.
 <hr>ROUND 3:  BRAIN JAMMER<br>This round is a troublemaker and you have to combine your problem solving, technical, interlinking <br>
 and time management skills to win it. Complicated circuits with errors will be given. <br>
 The participant should rectify the errors and bring them to simplified form using the clues.<br>
The clues will be given in the form of simple mathematical puzzle which need to be solved by <br>
the participants to arrive at the clues.             
M.ANITHA 		                  3rd  B.Tech  ECE	B	9597260625 <br>
M.ARCHANA         		3rd  B.Tech  ECE	B	9095326718 <br>
J.JUDITH SOUNDARYA	3rd  B.Tech  ECE	B	9944496197 <br>
P.LAVANYA		         3rd  B.Tech  ECE	B	9443636636 <br>