Nithin - 9944161566

SASTRA university,SRC campus.


<h1>Event 2 - Film Carto.</H1> <hr> This event is used to showcase yout talent on shortfilm making. There is no specific genre.<br>
	  The duration of your film must be within 5 to 20 mins.<br>
	  There are 3 rounds <br>

1.Cut a teaser of your film and mail us ur link to theta_emulsion_2017@sastra.ac.in<br>

2. Preliminary round - send us your entire film to the mail id theta_emulsion_2017@sastra.ac.in.<br>

3. Shortlisted films from the prelims are requested to come on the date of screening of your <br>
film in the presence of an esteemed celebrity from the Cine Industry. <br>Winners are acknowledged.

Contact : Nithin - 9944161566<hr>
<h1>Event 1 : Lensomnia ( A photography Event)</H1> <hr>
	  This event is a hub to showcase your skills on photography. This event has two categories<br>
1. Professional photography: This catrgory is for amateur/experienced professional<br>
 camera users. You're provided with 2 themes a) Colours b) Feminism<hr>
 2. Mobile photography: this category is for aspiring photographers who dont have <br>
 a profrssional camaer but captures using mobiles phones. The theme for you 
 <br>is a) closups b) antiques<hr>
 Mail your entries to theta_emulsion_2017@sastra.ac.in with subject *Lensomnia* within 25th March.<hr>

Contact : Nithin - 9944161566

<h1>3. Event 3 - Ad Box</H1><hr>
	  This is a creative event where people can show off their talents on Advertisement making.<br>
	  Your video should be of a minute or less. No specific genre or theme. Mail your<br>
	  entries to theta_emulsion_2017@sastra.ac.in<hr>

Fun Events : Be the Dub Star.<br>
Dub a video using a dubsmash app or some other stuffs and post it on <br>
facebook with a hashtag #emulsion17src<hr>
Contact : Nithin - 9944161566