R.VIJAY SAAYI (III ECE A) -- 9444989621


KISHORE (III BIO) -- 8870087518

SASTRA university,SRC campus.


<h1>Mind bluffer</H1> <hr>Round 1: MIND Me ; FIND Me<br>It is a preliminary round, contains a set of 30 questions.<br>
<hr>Round 2: DISCO<br>
The first team to be participated is selected by music ball.each pair should answer 5 questions .<br>
<hr>Round 3: GUESSTIMATION<br>
Questions shown to only one member. He has to find and should indirectly help his partner <br>
to tell the answer aloud.<hr>
Karthik  		III BCOM B-9442489041<hr>
<h4>TEAM MEMBERS:</h4>
  Deebika T<br>
  Mohana Priya S<br>
  Priyadharshini S<br>
  Vetriselvan S<br>
  Amara praba<br>
<h1>POSTER PRESENTATION</H1> <hr>EVENT<br>A poster must consists of adequate information and pictorial representation of the selected topic.<BR>
•	 The poster should be of 4:3’<br>
•	 A team should contain either two or three members.  <hr>

     G.Krishnaveni <br> 

<h1>RIDDLES</H1> <hr>Round 1 : Bingo       <br>The participants should select the answer from the given riddle box.<BR>
<hr>Round 2 : Science fiction 	<br> The game is related to brain teaser .<br>
  <hr>Round 3 : Level 1 : spin wheel <br>The participants can choose their own topic by spinning the wheel.<br>

 Astalakshmi .K<br>
                              Jananishree .S<br>
                              Rohini.S.S <br>
                              Udhayasudhan .E<br>
<h1>SHOCKA – KORA</H1> <hr>Round 1 :       Cheating  Chits  	 <br>There are about 35 chits in a bowl which has different games written on about 5 chits , the participants <br>
	  must pick the chit and play the game written in it. Each chit will be taken from the<br>
	  bowl once the participants picked it. So the game they play depends on their luck. <BR>
<hr>The game includes :<br> 1.	Lifting and replacing –  A toothbrush head should be lifted with a scale <br>
given to them and walk a considerable distance. 
2.	Balloon burst – One should blow and burst balloons , the number of balloon they burst will be counted. <br>
3.	Card Building – A card house should be built by the duo using playing cards. <br>
4.	Ball bounce – A ball game where the ball should bounce and reach the cup of water.<br>
5.	Drop the coin – A coin should be dropped exactly in a way to touch the coin placed <br>
 in the middle of the <br>
bucket filled with water. Participants will be given three chances. <br>
6.	Find the lyrics : A song playing will be stopped suddenly in the middle and the <br>
participants asked to find out the rest of the lyrics. <br>
7.	Puzzle : Participants should find the answer for a funny puzzle. 
  <hr>Round 2 :   Skull candy <br>A loud music will be playing in the headset and the participants should find <br>
  the thirukural given to them within a minute. <br><hr>
Round 3 :  Dubsmash 	<br> The selected participants were asked to perform a dubsmash and the best will be <br>
selected also depending upon their time. 

 A.AMEENA APSHAN  <br>                      
           	 K. SINDHU<br>
            	S. MOHAMED FAIZAL<hr>

<h1>MODEL EXHIBIT</H1> <hr>EVENT<br>The participants must prepare a model from the given set of topics. <BR>
	  The topics can be chosen as per the interest of the participants.<br>
•	A team must consist of two or three members. <BR>

•	Should be innovative and creative    
Kalpana G<BR>
		Manimaran K<BR>
		Sivasankari P.S<BR>
		Nandhini S<BR>
		Mohmad Noorudeen S<hR>