N.S.HARIHARAN (III CSE A) -- 9489106025


K.R.SIRI KALYAN (III CSE A) -- 9655893705

SASTRA university,SRC campus.

<h1>DHEYAN CHOHANS</H1> <hr>1st Round:DESICALS<br>Contestants can participate either in designing using photo shop or can answer to the multiple choice <br>
	  questions( technical questions ) in the Google form given to them.In designing, images will be<br>
	  given contestants have to come with a design related to it.(Required time:3 hours for  <br>
	  designing and 1 hour for multiple choice questions).<hr>
<hr>Round 2:CONFESS AND CONFUSE<br>    A situation will be given contestants have to go by the situation.For example,<br>
 you are given role of any celebrities like super man/Prime minister.You were in the sinking <br>
 ship and there is only one life jacket was there.You have to convince the other people<br>
 that you alone deserve that jacket.prove it/justify it.Each member will be given <br>
 3 minutes(Required time:1 hour)
<hr>Round 3: KARYA ANUBAV<br>  We will provide 3 options to participate. Based on some criteria,<br>
only one team was allowed to choose the option on their wish.Rest have to pick their option<br>
 through lot system.<br>
1st option:Reverse coding.(Input and output will be given.Contestant have to come up <br>
with an idea to get that output).<br>

2nd option:Product marketing.(A product will be given.Contestants have to come up <br>
with innovative idea to promote and describe that product)<br>
3rd option:A video will be played.Contestants have to co-relate that video with <br>
their day to day life facts.Each member in a team have to come up with different facts.

	P.Sowmiya -III - B.TECH CSE -9790273673 <BR>
	B.Soundariya- III -B.TECH CSE - 965523385<BR>
	R.Shobana- III- B.TECH CSE - 8072258256<BR>
	K.Sridevi- III -  B.TECH CSE - 9445440634<BR>
<h1> CAMPXOTICA</H1> <hr> ROUND-1: MEMEATHON:<br>First round will test the creativity of the participants.<br>
	  Trending topics in technology will be given at the spot and also some templates will be provided. <br>
	  The participants should create interesting memes using those templates.<br>
<hr>ROUND-2: PICS HUNTER:<br>  Since second is the technical round an image will be displayed to the <br>
 participants which portrays some of the technical concepts. So that <br>
the participants will be asked to find which type  of technical concept the image belongs to.<br>
<hr>ROUND-3:LOGICAL CRACKER: <br>The contestants will be given an application and they should draw <br>
flow chart and write algorithm for the given app. So that this round challenges the <br>
participants in expressing their logical talents by the way they design their algorithm.<hr>
 	 MANI BHARATHI.S  - III - B.TECH CSE -9894459170 <br>
 	 PRIYADHARSINI.K - III - B.TECH CSE -9360627700<br>
 RANJANA.S- III - B.TECH CSE - 8056544545<br>
 SHOBIYA.K -III - B.TECH CSE - 7708795729<br>

<h1>TWISTS AND TWRILS</H1> <hr> ROUND1: ZIK ZAK: <br>First round will be a written test.  The round consists of general question <br> answers to the questions are indirectly contained in another question.
<hr>ROUND2 :DIEGESIS: <br> It’s a group event. One is shown the picture and the other should<br>
 narrate the pose, so that the blindfolded participant’s pose <br>
 should match the picture’s pose.
  <hr>ROUND3: CHAIN JUNCTION: <br>This round tests the vocabulary.  In this round participants <br>
  should find the lengthy and meaningful sentence by picking the papers in the floor.<hr>
S. Aarthy -III - B.TECH CSE - 9600540999 <br>
	R. Harine -III - B.TECH CSE - 9486037346<br>
	J. Sujitha-III - B.TECH CSE - 8870127190<br>
	J. Vaishali-III - B.TECH CSE -9585450677<br>
	S. Yogapriya-III - B.TECH CSE -8903826505<br>
<h1>FUNNIE SPARK </H1> <hr> ROUND 1:WORD  CRUSH<br>	Participants will be provided with paper and pen. Writing words from the alphabets<br>
	  taken from shuffle for a specific time. Both the members of the team have <br>
	  to read the words in a zigzag manner as that they wrote as fast as within<br>
	  15 seconds. Top 30 participants will be shortlisted for next round.  
<hr>ROUND 2:AMUSING  RIBBON  ACT	<br> Participants will be provided with different colors of ribbons and a stapler. One has to give<br>
 hint for a word and other has to find while doing ribbon playing within 3 minutes. <br>
 Top 10 participants will be shortlisted for next round.
  <hr>ROUND 3:STACKING  PYRAMID<br> Participants will be provided with three different colors of cup. Arranging cups <br>
  to minimum seven levels of pyramid from 14 as base within 120 seconds(2 minute). <br>
  Top 2 participants will be declared as winners.  <hr>
AMALA NANCY PRIYA.A    	 II BCA B                <br>
KANIMOZHI.G                                   	II BCA B	 <br>
NANDHINIDEVI.T                      	II BCA B		 <br>
RAJALAKSHMI.R                       	II BCA B	 <br>	
SANTHIYA.S                               	II BCA B

<h1>FUNO_DUNO</H1> <hr> Round 1 LUCKY SHADDER <br>The numbered grid box and a word will be provide to each team. <br>
They will be asked to shade box corresponding to number of alphabet in that word.<br>
Evaluation will be made secret lucky method.

<hr>Round 2 :PICK THE COLOR <br> Participant have to pick a color and which have different field.<br>
 Then five questions will be asked from that field and rapid answers <br>
 team will consideredas the winner.

<hr>Round 3: BLOW AND THROW <br> Questions and choices will be given to each team.<br>
 They have to find the answer and asked to put the question and answer in <br>
 the corresponding color balloon which will displayed in the board.<hr>
V.GAYATHRI			3BCA “A”		<br>
S.KASTHURI			3BCA “A”		<br>
<h1>GAME OF DESIGNERS (GOD)</H1> <hr>ROUND1:BACK END EXPERTS <br>Participants are provided with questions based on c,c++,database.<br>
	  Questions will be in MCQ and TF and syntax writing type.
<hr>ROUND2:EXTREME WALL POSTER <br> Concepts will be provided.<br>
 According to it participants have to design attractive posters using Photoshop.
<hr>ROUND3:FINAL DESTINATION <br> Participants have to design the webpage as same as model webpage <br>
 which will be provided.<hr>
4. A.MALARKODI     			II-BCA-A<br>
5. M.VAISHNAVI          	II-BCA-A<br>

<h1>PROGRAMMATICS</H1> <hr>Round 1: Big-C<br>First part consists of questions on Basics of C, logical<br>
thinking and mathematics.This will be conducted on Google Forms<br>
through online.Based on real time performance in given time a bonus<br>
round will be conducted .A video will be played for 5min.Questions <br>
will be asked
based on video.Participants have to analyse the video<br>
 and answer the
ROUND 2: BugSmash	<br> Second round is technical debugging.The contestant needs<br>
to understand the program and find the errors and identify them.<br>
Contestant will be given a problem statement ,they have to<br>
analyse and write a code on C/C++.
 <hr>ROUND 3:  QuizUP<br>It is an online trivia game.It is a real-time challenging game between<br>
contestants choosing randomly where they have to face head to head<br>
matches between each other on mobile platform using an Application.<br>
Topics between each match will be chosen randomly based on lucky dip.<br>
The contestant team reaching the top on leaderboard will be chosen
 M.S.Teja -III -B.TECH CSE -740255233
 S.Pramod Reddy -III -B.TECH CSE - 7402555655
 K.BharathSimha Reddy-III -B.TECH CSE - 9655892709
 A.Srinivasulu Raju-III -B.TECH CSE - 7893716100
 K.NithinPrudhviRaj-III -B.TECH CSE 
B.ASWIN -III -B.TECH CSE - 7373628909
<h1>TECHNOVATION</H1> <hr>Round 1: TRICKYBUZZ:<br>First round will be a written round. This round tests the ability to think and <BR>
	  memorize the fundamentals which they have already taught. It <BR>
	  consists of different types of questions <BR>
1. on C/C++ and computers<BR>
2. ordering based on the prioritization of techniques <BR>
3. finding errors
ROUND 2: CODE MARATHON: <br> Second round is a technical debugging and Analysis of programs. The participant <BR>
needs to analyze the program and debug it to find the output which <BR>
results a number. This output should be placed in a sudoku in a <BR>
directed position and need to fill the complete sudoku as suggested above. <BR>
This is to check how effectively participants can quickly analyse programs <BR>
and manage time.

 <hr>ROUND 3:  MAZEMANIA: <br>Third round is deciding one and it filters those who are fast in analyzing and  <BR>
 confident with their answers. In this round the contestant will be <BR>
 provided with some folders and each folder will have a question<BR>
 based on programming in C/C++. The answer for the question in a folder<BR>
 becomes a key to find the next folder. Those who come up with wrong answers <BR>
 will be directed to  incorrect folders and miss their path.<BR>
 The one who can find the exact path can be declared as winner.            

<h1>STICKY-TECHIE</H1> <hr>ROUND 1: VISION TECH <br>Finding keywords from pictures. <br>
	  Listing out the Sub Headings in the Menu Bar and Shortcuts.
<hr>ROUND 2: WIT TECH <br> Finding Iogics from Pictures and writing Programs either in C or C++.<br>
 Objectives Questions  related to Internet and Networks. 
 <hr>ROUND 3: CODE-STITCH <br> Participants has to find question from the binary value and convert to ASCII value <br>
 then to alphabets to find the programming question. The participants <br>
 who complete the program first  gets the first preference. <hr>
1. JENIFER .B        		II BCA B 
2. NANDHINI .R     		II BCA B <br>
3.SOWMIYA .J       		II BCA B <br>
4.SARANYA .M      		II BCA B <br>