Online Exam SOP Update - 5th Announcement - May 14, 2021


May 14, 2021



In partial modification of the online end-sem exam circular dated May 10, 2021 the Dean’s committee has approved of the following changes & new announcements based on feedback from students:


Changes to May 10, 2021 Circular (Relevant sections are replaced as under):

C- 7: All questions shall be made available at the beginning of the test. The students shall opt to navigate from one question to another and begin answering from any question of their choice. Students are advised to clearly write the Question number correctly before they start writing the respective answers.

C-8: The duration for the entire exam is 2 hours. There is no question level timer. The questions are designed in such a way that it shall not take more than 20 minutes to write the answer. The answer sheets for a particular question need to be uploaded at the end of every question. It is now the student’s responsibility to time their answering pattern and order.

C-9: Student will be able to skip question and navigate from one question to another and any attempt to take a copy of the question using external device shall be construed as malpractice

C-10: Each question will have an upload option to upload the answer sheet. Hence, students are advised to upload the answer sheet against the respective question as they finish and do not wait till the end of the exam duration. There is no provision to upload all the answer sheets together due to internet upload constraints that is anticipated. Uploading answers one by one at the end of every question reduces the internet upload bandwidth requirement. After ensuring all answer sheets are successfully uploaded, the student shall submit and finish the exam. The submit & finish exam button will be enabled only after the 90th minute from the scheduled start of exam.


New announcement:

  • Mindful of the resource constraints that some students may face, an online exam voucher worth Rs.500 is provided to all students who shall be writing the online exams. This shall be used for whatever useful purpose it serves during the online exam. The amount shall be wired to the graduating batch students and adjusted with future fees payable for the other students.
  • Login Issue in CodeTantra Exam Portal:
    If you face any login issue in the CodeTantra Exam Portal or did not receive OTP, kindly register your complaint at


All other announcements in circular dated May 10, 2021 remain unchanged.