About ASCIEE – ECE wing

Born as an association dubbed “SPACE” for the ECE students, ASCIEE is now exclusively the association for the students of School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and has expanded to welcome inputs from various external institutions also. Laying a platform for students to display their knowledge and innovations, it has played an integral role in giving them an exposure in various sub fields of core electrical engineering.

Catering to the needs of so many students requires a large working team and so we have 7 separate autonomous bodies which coordinate in harmony to make the ASCIEE ECE Wing.


This team of ASCIEE filters the best brains from the whole of the department to face real time challenges. The main aim of the team is to make the members have a good theory base as well as honing their skills in handling practical situations. With a whole range of product and project ideas and bringing in their best implementations, this team has been active in several technical events.

Currently, the team is working on a project which is nearing completion successfully. Blueprints for several more are on, thus the team works round the clock.

The team also has regular quiz sessions and worksheet practice and regular discussions and lab sessions. The team attends the tech fests of various universities such as IIT-M’s Shaastra, NIT-T’s Pragyan, IISC’s Pravega, VIT’s Gravitians, CEG’s Kurukshetra, IIT Bombay’s TechFest etc. and has come out with flying colours.


This team is crucial in keeping the research and paper publishing going with good tempo. The students work under various faculty who are doing research in various fields.

This team also helps the students of the department to get into the research line in their areas of interest by forming a bridge between the faculty and the students.

Intensive research is being done mainly in the fields of embedded systems and microcontrollers. The team is currently working on a project titled “VV Layout”. The team is vying to design a new quad copter and implement them successfully. Several papers were published on IEEE based on the research done.


Workshops are one of the most efficient means of inculcating practical knowledge. The workshop team works to find the right topics to learn, to bring the right people to teach and to make the whole experience smooth and educative.

In order to make the students learn better, the workshop team conducts sessions before the actual workshop so that the students can have the pre-requisites for the workshop. The workshops are conducted by professionals from reputed organizations in order that students have a better understanding of concepts.

Teaching Team

Critical understanding of the concepts in core subjects plays a vital role in developing the professional skills for an engineer. In this context, the teaching team will focus on improving the performance of students in academics, thereby, creating a deep-routed passion for the subject. Apart from this, the teaching team provides solved papers before examination time to further help the students. They also release materials which are essential for placement of our students in top core companies. Also help is being provided for the difficult subjects.

Guest Lecture Team

The Guest Lecture team aims at creating general awareness and promotes research interests among students. Students will gain exposure to the industry at large by interacting with various professional technocrats. Career counselling, contemporary electronics, various research topics, work experience, etc. are certain important topics which are focused by this team.


ASCIEE's Design, Editing and Publishing Team, also known as ADEPT comes up with various activities such as crosswords, quizzes, do you know facts, questionnaires, etc. triggering the brains and promoting interests among students. This team aims to put the notice boards to the best use for PR.

Sankalp/Anubhava-SEEE Techfests*

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and with that in mind these tech fests help to take off the edge from the students and help them have some fun. These annual inter/intra college events are of pure technical nature, harnessing the students’ acquired technical knowledge to help them create practically via expo, tech displays and a variety of other challenging events.

Apart from these events, there are idea/paper presentation in coordination with world famous educational agencies like IEEE, OPTICAL SOCIETY etc.

The best part about this is that it’s not entirely technical. Various fun events (Technotainment) include touch-me-nots, laser shows, rocket launch etc.

ASCIEE’S Milestones

Throughout our efforts to make students’ lives easier, they return the favour with their excellence in various events external to our college:

  • Overall Champions in IISC’s Pravega’15
  • Won 3RD place in circuit design at NIT-T’s Pragyan’15
  • 2nd place in paper presentation at BITS-GOA
  • Finalist in SCDC at IIT-M’S Shaastra.
  • Got Incubation in Pay-pal’s Star Tank Start-up Challenge.

Activities in 2015

Guest lectures:

  • 25.07.2015 – ASCIEE inaugural lecture on “Emerging trends in industries” by Shri.SriramSankar, Accenture India, Bangalore.
  • 18.08.2015 – Lecture on “Connected Consumer experience” by Shri. SriramIyengar, Vice president, Paragon Business solutions, Bangalore.
  • 28.09.2015 - Lecture on “Digital signal Processing” by Dr.Ramesh Babu, HOD, E&I, Pondicherry engineering college.
  • 15.10.2015 – Lecture on “Engineering and Society” by Dr.PrinceGajendraBabu, Secretary, State platform for common school education on the celebration of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s birthday
  • 23.10.2015 – Lecture on “Software based networking” by Shri. Sricharan, WIPRO.

Workshop team:

  • 05.09.2015 &06.09.2015: “Circuit design” workshop in association with DAKSHDeca.
  • 26.09.2015 & 27.09.2015: “Android app development” workshop.
  • 10.10.2015:“Circuit design and approach” workshop exclusively for tech team members. ASCIEE’s Design editing and publication team (ADEPT):
  • 15.08.2015 – 30.08.2015:Transistor week Questionnaires, crosswords, Do you know facts, Million dollar question on transistors was conducted.
  • 01.09.2015 – 15.09.2015: Combinational and sequential circuit’s week Do you know facts and questionnaires on combinational and sequential circuits were circulated.
  • 16.09.2015 – 30.09.2015: Android week Do you know facts, Pamphlet distribution on Android were given to promote the upcoming Androidworkshop.
  • 11.10.2015 - 17.10.2015: Missile man’s week “Sign and thought board” was put up in front of VV and Canopy. Dr.A.P.J. Abdul kalam’s 10 oath points for engineering students were put up in Canopy in association with SASTRA community outreach programme (SCORE). Crosswords, questionnaires, puzzles, do you know facts, Posters about Dr.Kalam’s quotes and many other events were conducted. Lecture on “Engineering and Society” by Dr.PrinceGajendrababu, Secretary, State platform for common school education on the celebration of Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s birthday.

Teaching team:

Two classes on Signals and systems were conducted for 2nd years for CIA score improvement.

All previous year CIA question papers and semester question papers along with answer keys were published by ASCIEE for third years.

Aptitude questions and solutions were prepared and soft copies have been distributed for final years to help them with placements.

Forum among the teaching team to focus on expanding knowledge base apart from solely focussing on academic activity.

Tech team:


Tech team recruitment test was conducted for 2nd years and 3rd years. Totally 45 members were recruited for ASCIEE’s tech team.

Forum among the 2ndyear tech team members was conducted on every Monday on the topic “Analog and digital circuits” (except CIA weeks).

Forum among the 3rd year tech team members was conducted on every Friday on the topic “Embedded and communication systems” (except CIA weeks).

Project ideas and implementations were discussed among the entire tech team once in every two weeks.

Revisit and remodel VV layoutproject (new ideas) and improvement to various VV facilities are going to be implemented soon.

3rd year tech team has been divided into five groups:

  • Linear Integrated circuits ( OPAMP, 555, PLL)
  • Digital (Sequential and combination circuits, Finite state machine, Programmable devices).
  • Signals ( Fourier series and transforms, Z transforms)
  • AMS (Various modulation techniques).
  • Electronic circuits (BJT biasing, FET and MOSFET).

Discussion and presentationwere conducted among the five groups and worksheets on these five topics were given to other tech team people.

“Circuit design and approach” workshop was conducted exclusively for tech team members.

Other works:

Importance of e-Governance was established and project ideas were promoted. 3 project entries were forwarded to the District Collector and were selected. Orientation about IAS fellowship was conducted and full guidance and support is being provided.

IEEE day celebration:

  • On the eve of IEEE day, tech quiz prelims was conducted and five teams were short listed to the finals.
  • Tech quiz finals was conducted on IEEE day. Two presentations were given on IEEE day.

Faculty coordinators

  • President, ASCIEE: Dr. B. Viswanathan
  • President, ASCIEE-ECE WING: Dr.K. Thenmozhi
  • Vice president, ASCIEE-ECE WING: Dr.S.K. Pandiyan

Student coordinators

  • Chairman: Shri. A.R. Singaravadivel (IV year ECE) Email:singaravadivel.ar@gmail.com
  • Secretary: Shri. Siva C (III year ECE) Email:c.siva.ias@gmail.com
  • Joint secretary: Shri. Shiva P (III year ECE)
  • Treasurer: B.R. Hariharan (III year ECE)
  • Deputy Treasurer: SriramA (III year ECE)
  • HR: VasanthS,Subhapradha P
  • Tech team coordinator: Vijay Anand S
  • R & D coordinator :ArunAdhithiya G A
  • Product Development coordinator: S.M.Madhusudhanan
  • Workshop coordinator: Arvind Ganesh
  • Guest lecture coordinator: Venkatesh R
  • ADEPT coordinator: Saswatkumar ,RitikaVenkatesan
  • Infra coordinator: Karthikeyan

Contact us

For any queries, please mail to asciee.ece@gmail.com or

Contact: Siva C, Secretary. Ph.no: 9095279757

The combined efforts of the above will help in developing the overall skills of the student community. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us now!!


Interested students submit your response in the link given below on or before 18/7/2016 11pm. ALL THE BEST!!

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