Research Activities / Consultancy Service

>> Scientific validation/Efficacy profile of ISM 
>> Standardization of ISM 
>> In-situ & Ex-situ conservation of medicinal plants 
>> Value addition of natural products 
>> Training & Extension programs 
>> Phyto-Chemical studies 
>> Geo-Chemical Analysis 
>> Analysis of Pharmaceutical formulations 
>> Quality control of Pharmaceutical Formulations 
>> Biochemical Studies 
>> Toxicology Studies 
>> Pharmacology Studies 
    o Antiinflammatory Studies 
    o Anticancer Studies 
    o Antiatherogenic Studies 
    o Antidiabetic Studies 

>> Pharmacokinetics 
>> Pharmacodynamic Studies 
>> Epidemiological Studies 
>> General Clinic, Medical camps 
>> Experimental Laboratory Medicine 
>> Human Clinical trials 
>> Heavy Metal Studies 
>> Pesticide Studies

The Centre has also standardized protocols for fingerprinting of major plant biomarkers using high performance thin layer chromatography for identification. Further, analysis of pesticide residues and essential oil content from plants are also routinely performed in the Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry facility using the standard protocols developed at the Centre. LC-MS/MS facility is being used for identification of active principles in medicinal plants. The Centre is currently preparing a compendium of microscopic features typical for different plant ingredients for easy and error-free identification of plant ingredients.