The poster size is 3 ft width x 4 ft height.

Idea Presentation for UG/PG students

A poster presentation competition called "Idea Presentation" will be held during the conference. The event involves presentation of an idea or concept as a poster from one of the following themes:

1. Biofilm Interactions

2. Biofilm Applications

3. Biofilm Control

4. Biofilm and Microbiome

Rules for the event:

1. There can be a maximum of two 'presenting authors'

2. The poster size is 3 ft width x 4 ft height.

3. The idea should be original

4. Plagiarism will not be entertained and will lead to immediate disqualification

Certificates for winners as well as participants will be awarded. Interested participants can mail in the below format to on or before 23rd Jan.


COMB registration number(s):

Chosen Theme:

Your COMB registration numbers will be mailed to you by 16 th Jan.