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Projects are going on jointly with CEERI, Chennai, SETS, Chennai, CYPRESS, Bangalore, ECIL, Hyderabad, ITI, Bangalore, C_DOT, Premier Control & Instrumentations Ltd., Coimbatore, NIOT, Chennai, ISRO, Bangalore, V-DESIGN, Pondicherry, SCL, Chandigarh, VDesign, Pondicherry, Analog Devices, Hyderabad, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, New Delhi, IES Technologies, Coimbatore, Embed Technologies, Bangalore and United Technologies, Bangalore.


Funded Projects


Current Projects : Algorithm for Target identification using Multispectral Images and Signatures. - DRDL

Completed Projects : Algorithm for 3D Medical Images - DRDO, ANURAG

Design and Development of Feature extraction of Aerial Images - SPECK Systems, Hydrabad.





  •  Intelligent Web enabled real-time embedded ECU Design and in-vehicle Networking for passenger safety and comfort along with security of automobiles - version 1.0

  •  Cross South Indian Language Translation Parser Design for providing Email Facility to a Rural India

  •  Java Optimized Processor

  •  Design Exploration of porting Application Kernel to Hardware           

  •  Smart CARD OS, LINK Encryptor, GSM Monitor

  •  E voting

  •  Design and implementation of  the stream cipher encryption scheme for secure voice transmission

  •  Semiconductor Memory designs.

  •  Hardware software partitioning with communication execution time constraint   

  •  Reconfigurable Instruction Processors

  •  Design of Application specific Accelerators

  •  Design of PCI Express Tr.Layer & Device Core

  •  Design of USB On the Go (USB OTG)

  •  Implementation of LDPC Decoder

  •  FPGA Implementation of a Micro coded Elliptic Curve Cryptographic Processor

  •  Design of AMBA-AHB Master Design & Verification of Crypto Elements

  •  Reverse CDMA Access Channel SATA Hardware Based Protocol for Maximum Hard Disk Performance

  •  Implementation of Digital Filter in FPGA using 8051 IP Core

  •  Implementing Design Fixes & Physical Verification for 7c62155fR95LD 3R 8M & 16M MoBL SRAM

  •  Design & Physical Development of USB & its Integration with Microcontroller

  •  Design & Integration of CMOS Control Circuit for MEMS Inertial Sensor

  •   Serial ATA Host IP Core

  •  Design & Development of REGMAP Tool - Embedded LCD Driver - Development of IP Blocks - Developing an FPGA prototype using real time image processing algorithm for analysing colour components of fruits vegetables 

  •  Multi-Channel Traffic Generator core for Emulating a link layer device (LLD) for an OC48 framer                                   

  •  Fiber optic Gyroscope Signal processing using VLSI

  •  FPGA Implementation of Cryptographic algorithms  - Design of CAN controller interface using VHDL          

  •  Corporate web enabled funds management                 

  •  Smart card Toll collection  system                                

  •  Cryptography on Smart Cards                                       

  •  CDMA Encoding and Decoding Using Gold Code Asynchronous Transfer mode - Framing and  Deframing

  •  Modelling and Simulation  of MCS-51 Core Architecture -  Integration of Bluetooth Base band core with   GSM      

  •  Single Chip WEB Based Server  ATM Switching Using Batcher-Banyan network            

  •  Implementation of Speech Coding Using G.722 Standard     

  •   Design and Development of Reusable Avionics Components

  •   Design of a FPGA card interface with Active Pixel Sensor (APS)

  •   Development of Embedded software for Link Encryptor Unit

  •   Design, Implementation & Testing of On-Board Storage (OBS) Management

  •   Physical Layer Interface for the PCI Express

  •   Integration of Fire Safety Management Systems

  •   Adhoc Network for Embedded Systems

  •   Design of CF Interface in Plug & Play Mode

  •   ECG Telemetry

  •   Design,  development and implementation of snmp version 2

  •   Real time pattern (facial)  recognition by   artificial neuro based zisc processor for security applications Development of explosive detector


  •  Red hat version steps and Bench marking with supreme3

  •  Modeling and implementation  of  INTEL 80186 Core

  •  LFSR  For Encryption and Decryption

  •  CDMA Encoding and Decoding Using Gold Code

  •  Single Chip Microprocessor Simulator Using model sim and TCL

  •  Asynchronous Transfer mode –Framing and Deframing

  •  Modeling and Simulation  of MCS-51 Core Architecture

  •  Optimum Design Studies Of On-chip Pre-amplifier for CCD Images

  •  Mini TCP/IP for 8 bit controller

  •  Design of 32 bit RISC processor

  •  Integration of Bluetooth Base band core with GSM

  •  Image processing using 2D convolve

  •  Implementation Wavelet Transform on FPGA

  •  Network Security  in Bluetooth Using VHDL

  •  Reconstruction of Image using inverse Wavelet Transform

  •  Line based Recognition System Using VHDL

  •  Single Chip WEB Based – Server

  •  Implementation of Speech Coding Using G.722 Standard

  •  ATM Switching Using Batcher-Banyan network

  •  Developing an FPGA Prototype using Real time Image Processing Algorithm for analyzing color components of Fruits Vegetables

  •  Implementation in FPGA of Selected Algorithms along with Key Management and Interface Requirements

  •  FPGA Implementation of Viterbi Decoder

  •  Cryptography on Smart Cards

  •  Multi-Channel Traffic Generator core for Emulating a link layer device (LLD) for an OC48 framer

  •  Sound Ranging Systems

  •  Implementation of Real Time Image Processing Algorithms for the Analysis of Size & Shape of irregular Objects using FPGA

  •  Multi Protocol Ethernet Bridge

  •  Automatic Vehicle Locator

  •  Sub Bottom Profiler Design for Integrated Under Water Survey System (IUSS)

  •  FPGA Implementation of Control Logic for MP3 Portable Player

  •  Cell Library Design

  •  Fiber Optic Gyroscope  Signal Processing Using VLSI

  •  Design and Implementation of PCI to VME Bus

  •  VLSI Implementation of OFDM Modem

  •  RADAR Extractor Interface

  •  Functional Keyboard

  •  DATS - Digital Airport Terminal Information system

  •  Industrial Automation Using Controller Area Network

  •  Multi Protocol Communication Processor




Aims to attract active participation from Government and  IT industries by continuous involvement in rapid technology advances.

R&D in Multimedia Information processing, Intelligent advanced  computing, Interactive learning and energy management.


3D imaging and visualization projects of industrial applications.


Developing interactive courses and various information products on agriculture and education.




Taking IT to the common man by providing IT services.

Promoting knowledge based industries and IT business ventures of young entrepreneurs in this region.



1.      Taking IT to the common man by providing IT services.

2.      Training to Tamil Nadu Police in IT.

3.      Construction of  Community Shelters for  Nagapattanam in association with TIFAC and Civil Engineering   department of SASTRA.  and Computer training to the trainers for computer Institutes in Nagapattanam and   training and issue of certificates to Tsunami affected Nagapattanam Children.

4.      Consultancy in IT infrastructure development and website development to nearby organizations.



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