Programme Objectives

SASTRA Deemed University aims at providing an alternative informal channel through online learning mode for those who seek higher education, supplements the efforts of campus-based conventional higher education system. It also provides a “Second Chance” to those who are not able to pursue higher education earlier. Online programme facilitate updated knowledge and skills to those who are already employed, including in-service teachers. Through Online mode, innovative programmes are identified and designed to meet the local and global workforce needs.

Salient Features of Online Courses

  • Individualized study: flexibility in terms of pace, place and duration of study.
  • Cost-effective programmes
  • Modular structure and credit- based programmes
  • Besides study materials, contact classes are conducted for students
  • Certification
  • Improvement of knowledge and skills
  • Acquisition of professional competencies
  • Continuing and life - long learning

  • The B.C.A. (Online Mode - Semester Pattern) programme of SASTRA focuses on making the applicants acquire relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes.

    This programme aims at achieving the following:

    • Enable them to understand the basics of computer applications.
    • Exposure to the tenets in science of information technology
    • Skills to develop and work with real-time applications
  • BCA (Online Mode)
    Scheme of Study
    I Semester
    Course CodeCourse Title
    ENGOL134English –I
    CIVOL112Environmental Studies-I
    MATOL119Matrices & Calculus
    COMOL114Financial Accounting
    CAPOL101Basics of Computing
    CAPOL102Programming in C
    II Semester
    Course CodeCourse Title
    ENGOL135English –II
    CIVOL222Environmental Studies -II
    MATOL120Inferential Discrete Mathematics
    COMOL115Management Accounting
    ECSOL104Digital Logic Circuits & Microprocessors
    CAPOL105Programming in C++
    III Semester
    Course CodeCourse Title
    MATOL121Numerical Methods for Computer Applications
    CAPOL107Computer Organization & Architecture
    CAPOL201Fundamentals of Data Structures & Algorithms
    CAPOL108Operating System Concepts
    IV Semester
    Course CodeCourse Title
    CAPOL203Object Oriented Analysis & Design
    CAPOL204Computer Networks
    CAPOL110Fundamentals of Relational Database Management Systems
    CAPOL205Visual Programming
    V Semester
    Course CodeCourse Title
    CAPOL301Java Programming
    CAPOL207Basics of Software Engineering
    CAPOL302Web Technology
    CAPOLXXXElective – I
    VI Semester
    Course CodeCourse Title
    CAPOL208Computer Graphics & Multimedia
    CAPOL306C# & . Net Technologies
    Elective – I
    CAPOL112Programming in PERL
    CAPOL308Client Server Computing
    CAPOL113Python Programming
    CAPOL309Mobile Computing
    CAPOL210XML & Applications
    CAPOL310Principles of Artificial Intelligence
    CAPOL211Basic Linux Programming
    CAPOL311Fundamentals of Enterprise Resource Planning
    Elective – II
    CAPOL308Client Server Computing
    CAPOL309Mobile Computing
    CAPOL310Principles of Artificial Intelligence
    CAPOL311Fundamentals of Enterprise Resource Planning


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