Astrology Programme

Objectives of B.A (Astrology) Programme

  • To provide an alternative non-formal channel through distance mode for those who seek higher education

  • To supplement the efforts of campus - based conventional higher education system.

  • To provide a “Second Chance” to those who are not able to pursue higher education earlier.

  • To provide updated knowledge and skills to those who are already employed including in -service persons.

  • To give twinning programmes to the on-campus students of SASTRA to pursue diploma / certificate programme simultaneously.

  • To identify and design innovative programmes to meet the local and global manpower needs.


  • Flexible entry and exit rules Individualized study: flexibility in terms of phase, place and duration of study.

  • Cost - effective programmes.

  • Modular structure and credit- based courses.

  • Study through Self- Instructional Materials (SIM)

  • Resource sharing and collaboration with IGNOU


SASTRA Deemed University offers distance mode programmes with an aim to fulfil the following:

  • Certification

  • Improvement of knowledge and skills

  • Acquisition of professional qualification

  • Continuing and life - long learning

  • Simultaneous study for the on-campus students of SASTRA to achieve “ twinning of programmes” to make them employable

  • Professional development and training for in-service persons in various positions.


The Astrology (Jyothisha Sastra)(Distance mode) programme of SASTRA aims at making the in-service to the traditional and professional astrologers to acquire relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes in pedagogical methods and praxis methods of our Indian Astrology which is said to be the eyes of ‘Veda’, “the Sacred Literature” of India to become role models in the field of Astrology to be an instrument for understanding and propagating our traditional values and heritage though a proper knowledge of Astrology to build a productive human capital in our country to face the challenges of globalization. Astrology, the study of the stars and their influence upon human life on earth, has been in vague since Vedic times. Scholars have done research on many references made to Astrology in the Vedas. It is associated with some famous Rishis or seers of the ancient days like Bhrigu, Parasara and others. Recently interest in astrology has been revived in India and also other countries of the world. Our ancients were called Nakshatra –Darsakaas (Star-gazars). In India astrology as a science is woven into the fabric of our culture. It is a heritage that has to be preserved at all costs for posterity.

The objectives of the courses are, to expose the aspiring students to the study of astrology, its various aspects and branches and to encourage them to do researchbased on relevant case studies.

This programme, is meant for Astrologers, (Traditional and Modern), Astrology lovers,Lovers of Indian Values and Ethics, Lovers of Indian Culture and Heritage:-

  • To enhance the competence of Prediction with objectivity.

  • To create a comprehensive understanding about pedagogical methods inorganizing learning experiences for students in the field of Astrology.

  • To strengthen the skills of a professional Astrologer by adopting various remedial measures mentioned in our scriptures to overcome from the hurdles of life through proper research methodology.

  • To develop new skills required for an Astrologer in prediction as well as managing the latest trend of the nation.


  • Diploma in Astrology (DA) (10th Std or SSLC or equivalent studies)

  • B.A. Astrology (+2, Diploma in Astrology or equivalent studies)

  • M.A. Astrology (Any Bachelor degree from a recognised University.

Duration of the Programme

  • Diploma in Astrology – 1 year

  • Bachelor of Astrology - 3 Years

  • Master of Astrology - 2 Years

In any case the course will have to be completed within a maximum period of five years after the entry into the course.

Medium of instruction

  • Diploma in Astrology – Tamil

  • Bachelor of Astrology - Tamil

  • Master of Astrology - Tamil / English

Course materials

Self Instructional Materials (SIM) will be the resources for distance learning.

Credit System

Credit system will be followed for the distance education courses of SASTRA. Each credit is equivalent to 30 study hours comprising all learning activities like learning, comprehending the study materials, contact sessions etc. Thus a four credit course involves 120 hours of study. Completion of an academic programme requires successful clearing of term – end examination.

Teaching Methodology

The methodology of instruction is different from the conventional system. In distance learning, specific emphasis is laid upon self-study and the learning process takes place with the help of SIM or printed materials rather than face- to- face communication. However, mode of instruction is through the following:

  • Self - Instructional Materials (SIM): Printed materials for both theory and practical components.

  • Contact programmes: They are arranged by the University at the study centres.

Personal Contact Programme (PCP)

PCP will be held at the SASTRA main campus and designated study centres by the University. It will be held at weekend and holidays.

During the contact programme the learner will have the opportunity to get intensive face-to-face interaction to develop understanding of the subject with the help of experienced faculty.

Viva-Voce Examination

Evaluation system

The scheme of evaluation system is term end examinations.


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