May 28, 2021

Dear all,

Greetings and hope all of you are safe and healthy.

The Management of SASTRA has always endeavoured towards policy compliance & establishing uncompromising standards to ensure that the campus is free from any form of sexual harassment and takes stringent action when such instances comes to its notice.

Recent accusation on social media that the university authorities did not act on issues related to sexual harassment by staff/students is incorrect. On the contrary, the management has taken appropriate action against staff/students wheneverany such instance was brought to their notice. The Sexual Grievances committee as per Vishaka Guidelines now functioning as the Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) has acted on complaints received and the strictest action has been taken against erring staff/students leading to expulsion and termination. The university authorities havealso suo-motu initiated action against a few wayward staff leading to their expulsion & termination of services.

However, the recent social media posts havenow brought to our knowledge alleged actsof sexual harassment and other delinquencies by staff. Though we have not received any complaints so far, we assure you that we shall initiate enquiry in each of the matters highlighted, by reporting it to the competent authority and expect the complainant’s cooperation while extending to them our full support and protection of anonymity. The complainant can send their complaints to the Presiding Officer of the ICC by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. The complainant can also send their complaints to: 


Presiding Officer of ICC, SASTRA Deemed University, Thanjavur – 613 401, Tamilnadu


We would like to reiterate very forcefully & emphatically that the Management of SASTRA shall always protect the physical, psychological and emotional health of its students and staff and will never allow any form of sexual harassment to cause any injury to their physical, psychological and emotional health.


Rules & Regulations



A vast majority of the posts are related to the campus disciplinary rules and regulation pertaining to dress code, hostel rules for girls, permission to leave campus, etc. We would like to clarify that the thought process behind the rule-making is a collectivised effort in the larger interest of students’ safety based on the contemporary circumstances. The specific reference to a girl’s hospitalisation (during October’2015)and the harsh allegation that the delay was due to dress code is completely false. The said student had to change again as she vomitted and this by no way had caused any delay as she was immediately rushed to a nearby leading hospital in Thanjavur as per the advice of the campus doctor who stays on campus. A staff member stayed in the hospital for assistance till her parents who were immediately informed arrived at the hospital the next day morning. They, after discussion with the doctor, shifted her to another leading hospital in Coimbatore on the same day. The university extended all possible support right through the time upto admitting in Coimbatore and despite all the honest efforts& prayers of her parents and us, the girl passed away after an unsuccessful treatment of over 12 days.



We sincerely take the current representation from the alumni as their constructive demands & suggestions towards further reformation. To some, existing rules might have appeared over-bearing, but please rest assured that it was with the sole objective of protecting the children left in our trust by the parents, living far away from the campus. The students & parents cannot deny the fact such rules & regulations over a period of time have also been changing based on suggestions and feedback. We assure the alumni & current students that therepresentation shall receive our immediate attention and we shall initiate discussions to make necessary changes soon. We would like to reiterate that the management, deans and staff of SASTRA spare no efforts in ensuring the well-being of its students and to protect & enrich their physical, psychological and emotional health.



We are issuing this clarification in response to not only the few alumni’s social media post but also as a responsible university’s clarification to all the stakeholders’ concerned.