VIII Sem Lack of Attendance Circular


Attn:All VIII semester B.Tech.,\M.Tech.,(5 yr) Integrated students

End Semester Examination - Attendance – Students who have less than 75%

All the students of SASTRA are expected to achieve 100% attendance in each of the courses of study in a semester. However, students are given concession of 25% in the attendance for sickness and other unavoidable circumstances. Therefore, students, who have attended less than 75% classes in a particular course, will not be permitted to appear for the end-semester examination in that course in the EVEN semester and they will have to repeat the present EVEN semester course in the next academic year 2011-12, commencing from December’2011, thereby losing one year.

However with a view to avoid loss of one year to those students who have genuine reasons, it has been decided to arrange for remedial classes in this semester, as a special case. Such students, who have a shortage of 9 days and below have the option of attending the remedial classes from 8.40 a.m. to 4.50 p.m. for the specified number of days during the period from April 28, 2011 to May 7, 2011 (both days inclusive). For those who have a shortage of more than 9 days, they will have to repeat the present EVEN semester when it begins during Dec’2011 thereby losing one year. The list of students belonging to both these categories is annexed.

Students (eligible to attend special contact classes as per details given below) who do not want to lose one year and prefer to attend the special contact classes for the specified number of days shall start attending classes from April 28, 2011 by paying a remedial class fee of Rs.1000 per compensation day.

In addition, students staying in the hostel and found wanting for attendance, will automatically become ineligible for hostel accommodation for the ensuing academic year. No special requests will be entertained.


Year                                                                Venue of contact class      Faculty in-charge

For IV Year B.Tech / (M. Tech Integrated)
School of Mech & EEE                                             JVC 413                    Dr. N. Sakthivel / SoC
                                                                                                                   Dr.S.Raghuraman / SoME


School of SOC, SoCE & SCBT                                 JVC 414                  Prof. R. Sundaraman / SEEE


For SRC students                                                                                    Prof. K.G. Raghunathan / Dean


The list of students will be displayed in front of the class rooms and the students are directed to report without fail. After paying the requisite fee in the accounts department and obtaining the Special Course Completion form duly signed by the faculty in-charge, the student can collect the hall ticket from the Registrar’s office.

Students, who do comply with the above will be allowed to write the end-semester examination beginning May’11. Otherwise they will be detained in the semester in which they are studying now as availing this special option is not compulsory and left to the student’s discretion. They will have to repeat the course in the EVEN semester in the next academic year 2011-12, if they wish to lose one year.




Copy to Dean – School of CE, MECH, EEE, Computing, SCBT, H & S – for necessary action by informing concerned faculty in-charge. The records and related documentation must be kept safe for verification.
Cc: Dean (Engg), SRC, Kumbakonam – for carrying out this concession, if need be and nominating 2 faculty members    to oversee
Cc: Dean (P&D and SR), Dean (SA), DR (Admn), DR (Acad), FO, Registrar Table, Trustees Secretariat, Office
Cc: Vice-Chancellor – for kind favour of information.


.. VIII Sem Attendance Lack List..

..VIII Sem Redo List..