Registration for 8th Sem OE


The registration for open elective courses for the VIII semester B.Tech. students will commence on January 20, 2011. All students  (EXCEPT THOSE WHO HAVE COMPLETED 4 OEs ALREADY) must submit their choices by January 22, 2011. The following instructions / guidelines / information will help you understand the registration process:


1.      The open elective courses are being categorised into 8 Groups. Each group has a fixed number of courses. Registration has to be done by all the students and in the event of failing to register, the University will allot the courses using its discretion.

2.      Students can choose only one course from a particular group. If a student chooses more than one course, the first choice will be considered and the remaining choices will be allotted by the University at their own discretion. No request for change will be entertained by the University under any circumstances.

3.      Every student will first prioritise their groups and later the courses under each group.

4.      The student choices will be considered based on their CGPA.

5.      The allotment of courses will be available in the website from January 27, 2011.

6.      The timetable for the courses is also annexed.

7.      Students recruited by TCS will have to mandatorily undergo the TCS Suggested elective Course. (read point 8 also) This course will have 4 theory sessions, one lab session and a group assignment totalling to 6 credits. A TCS selected student needing to complete 4 OEs should register for only 2 OEs as he/she by default will be completing the TCS course. Likewise, a student needing to complete only 3 courses (due to ACRS) needs to register only for one OE. Those needing 2 or 1 need not register and will have to attend the TCS suggested elective and have no choice.

8.      Students who have obtained prior permission for long-term internship must also register, if necessary. They should appear for the end-semester exam on a self-study basis or report before the start of the 2nd CIA as the case may be. This includes the 21 students who have been selected by TCS in Chennai. For students who have been recruited by TCS and obtained permission for long-term internship, you are eligible to attend only the non-TCS OE courses on a self-study basis.

9.      Registration Form should be e-mailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “8th SEM OE” as the subject matter. No other subject matter will be accepted as we need to retrieve all the applications faster. The form must be e-mailed before 5:00p.m. on January 22, 2011.