‘Chemunique’ is a magazine envisaged as a medium to inform and educate students as well as inculcating a sense of responsibility and commitment to the society that comes with being a Chemical Engineer. The magazine features interesting articles, interactive puzzles and informative columns about studying abroad and writing competitive examinations and everything else related to Process Engineering. Below given is a list of volumes of the magazine released and distributed.

Academic YearVolumeIssues
2013-1401 Vol-01-Issue-01
2014-1502 Vol-02-Issue-01 Vol-02-Issue-02
2014-1503 Vol-03-Issue-01
2015-1604 Vol-04-Issue-01 Vol-04-Issue-02 Vol-04-Issue-03 Vol-04-Issue-04
2016-1705 Vol-05-Issue-01 Vol-05-Issue-02 Vol-05-Issue-03 Vol-05-Issue-04
2017-1806 Vol-06-Issue-01 Vol-06-Issue-02 Vol-06-Issue-03 Vol-06-Issue-04
2018-1907 Vol-07-Issue-01 Vol-07-Issue-02 Vol-07-Issue-03 Vol-07-Issue-04
2019-2008 Vol-08-Issue-01 Vol-08-Issue-02 Vol-08-Issue-03

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