SASTRA Community Out REach programme (SCORE)

SASTRA-DAAN UTSAV – The joy of giving Week


Banquet of love (Sep 25 - Oct 8) –

A drop box and a piggy bank is to be kept in 4 places - canopy, Krishna Canteen, girls and boys hostel and things are to be collected. At the end of the day KS Upahaar team collects the things and the final distribution of items will be done .

 Blood donation pledge (Sep 25 - Oct 8) –

 Each student volunteer is required to Canvas 10-20  blood donors in SASTRA campus and the names blood group and signature of the willing people are to noted down in separate A4 sheets. After 2 weeks the sheets are to be compiled together and aSASTRA  Voluntary Blood Donors Directory will be released for any future reference and emergencies.

 Clean up drive ( Oct 2 ) –

Blind school  situated at Thanjavur .is chosen for a cleanup drive on Oct 2 Gandhi Jayanthi .40 volunteers from SCORE and 10 volunteers from bhumi will be involved in the event.

Old age home event ( Oct 2) –

The people in old age home at Kattur are to be entertained for 1 and a half hours by the upahaar cultural team and is to be provided to the inmates.

 Competition in orphanages ( Oct 2) –

Maanavar illam situated at  training centre, Trichy  is chosen for conducting competitions& fun events. Around 35 poor/ orphan children  resides there. Winners will be given prizes by the volunteers of SCORE.