SASTRA's Bulb submitted to Limca Book of World Record - News Report


SASTRA's Bulb submitted to Limca Book of World Record   

The 26th of January- an important day to our country- The Republic Day.  In addition to the flag hoisting ceremony, this day was celebrated differently by the students at Sastra University . Daksh the annual International  Techno-management  fest of SASTRA University which is to be held between 22nd – 24th February, saw its curtain riser attempt  to enter into the Limca Book of World Record. The record is about lighting a Bulb by passing electricity through 30,000 plus electronic components which included resistors, integrated circuits etc. The circuit set up was placed on a flexor board of dimensions 15*16.2 (metres).

The various electrical components were laid out on the outline map of Our Nation and at the centre the bulb was placed. The symbolism here being – Resistors : the armed forces guarding our nation night and day , Integrated Circuits : the leaders who contributed to the conception of our constitution which is why our country stands as a Republic among all the nations of the world, The Bulb: OUR NATION. What better day to create a world record to pay tribute to all our martyrs and armed personnel who have been working to mould the nation to what it is today?

The Record was presided by gazetted officers- Mr. Satyamurthy, Assistant Engineer, TNEB; Mr Murugadas , the Tashildar of Thanjavur District and Lt. Dr. K.Vijaya Rekha, Associate Dean, School of EEE, SASTRA University. More than 500 student volunteers worked with zeal to put together the components and the circuits. The audience was excited and cheerful to witness the event and it was indeed a jubilant moment for Team Daksh to see their successful efforts in the form of well lit bulb.  This attempt will be submitted to the authorities concerned for a possible entry into the Limca Book of Records.

The crowd was later entertained by the SASTRA Music team whose rendition kept them mesmerised. “As a student, this Republic day was definitely different and very memorable. The success of the event has definitely thrown light upon the importance of yearning to learn , to respect and become responsible citizens of our nation, and also to become a holistic engineer in the true sense”, said the Chairman of the Organising Committee of DAKSH D.Sashank.