Wipro earthian 2014


Welcome to earthian 2014!!!

earthian colleges program is made up of 2 sections- a campus foot-printing exercise and your view on any 2 essays . Go ahead, register and participate.All of the content is available on the website www.wipro.org/earthian

Participate, Win and You could be an earthian intern too.Last date for registering and submitting – 10th November 2014

Part A- campus footprint:

You will need to register and then login to the website to participate in the campus footprinting tool.

  • This exercise aims to help the institution develop a greater understanding of its campus ecological footprint for energy OR water
  • The submission is to be done online. A copy can be downloaded after submission
  • The online calculator focuses on footprint study of two key ecological elements, namely energy and water

The online form has few cells which provide derived values – like emissions, energy and emissions intensity, rainfall harvesting potential and endowment values. These can also be used for the analysis write-up (A2). This can be submitted online.

Part B – analytical writing:

Read and write analytical essays on 2 out of 4 sustainability themes provided- deep ecology, circular economy and systems thinking, tragedy of commons and science, energy, civilizations. This too can be submitted online

You can attempt any section first and submit sections independently.


The winning college wins 1.5 lakhs and also is involved in a Close Engagement Program with Wipro and its partners.

Earthian interns- winners stand a chance to be an earthian intern with Wipro’s partners.

You can view more details on the earthian youtube and facebook channel or email queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last date for registering and submitting – 10th November 2014

Looking forward to your participation. All the very best!!!.


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