IPR Policy

As a part of Policy for Promotion of Research & Innovation (PPRI), SASTRA facilities research and innovation activities through Infrastructure Mobilization, Manpower Support, IPR filing, Technology Transfer, etc. The research & innovation ecosystem at SASTRA enables the faculty / student inventors to make an informed decision on whether to disseminate the findings through publications or protect the intellectual property (IP). 

The inventors shall ensure the following while preparing the application for IP protection: 

IPR document prepared by the inventor (faculty and students) in conformance with the above mentioned guidelines, shall be submitted to the IPR consultant through the Office of Dean, Sponsored Research only. SASTRA files the IPR applications through an authorised IP consultant. The patent applications shall be in the name of ‘SASTRA’ and collaborating organization / Institute, as per terms in Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  The entire expenditure for patent filling, proceedings, grant & annuity, etc.,  shall be borne by the Institute itself. The monetary benefits of the IPs shall be shared with the inventors on mutually agreeable terms. In the case of consultancy projects, NDA/MoU captures the agreement between SASTRA and the respective institutions/organizations on IPR sharing policy and the same shall be ensured.

Notwithstanding the above, the inventors reserve the right to get their invention incubated in campus TBIs or elsewhere leading to start-ups.  Inventors willing to opt for technology transfer shall identify potential industry partners in consultation with the Dean, Sponsored Research. In addition, Dean, Sponsored Research shall also identify the suitable industry partner for technology transfer. The terms for legal and financial agreements shall be mutually agreed upon between the parties and facilitated by the Office of Dean, Sponsored Research. After establishing License & Technology Transfer Agreement with the identified industry, the transfer of technology shall be initiated.