​National Seminar on
Next Generation Device Design

January 7, 2017



Bahisprana, a Sanskrit term translating into “External Life” captures the fundamental spirit and drive behind the BE@S association. Started in 2004 by Chandan Mittal, then a final year student with just 10 members, BE@S has since grown to encompass over 250 dynamic members, all working towards a common goal of furthering the standard of living through its many activities, or as our motto aptly puts it “Redefining Healthcare”.

Bahisprana’’17 is the sixth of the successful installments of annual tech fests hosted by the BE@S association. Started as “Biocarnival” in the year 2005, these tech fests have become a name to reckon with in the field of bioengineering and nanotechnology as a platform to learn, innovate and compete. Earmarking a niche for itself in the field of life sciences these fests are well renowned for their focus on techniques to save lives.

This time again Bahisprana’17 is all geared up to amaze you with its informative workshops, lectures, challenging events and much more on JANUARY 7th & 8th.


“Dead or Alive? Choose your side.”

“CSI needs your help. Pick your team of 3 and wait for your call.”

“The hunt never ceases... Will you seize the elusive spectre?”

“Use your brain not your muscles”