​National Seminar on
Next Generation Device Design

January 7, 2017

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is NSNGDD?
National Seminar on Next Generation Device Design is an event where speakers from highly reputed institutions and experts in the field of Instrumentation and Devices for Biological and other applications, give lectures and interact with students and other enthusiastic participants. It is a platform for exploring the opportunities in research and application of next generation devices.
2. Is there any fee concession for bulk registration?
Yes. There is a fee concession for non-SASTRA members attending conference alone (not presenting oral/poster). If 10 students from same college/University make single payment the registration fee is only INR 4500.
3. Are there any on the spot registrations / payment for attending conference or events?
Yes, spot registrations will be open for both attending the conference and the participating in the events (except oral/poster presentations). The registration fee will remain the same (INR 500 for the conference, and individual events will have separate fee if you are not attending the conference).
4. Is there any reimbursement if I pay and don’t turn up?
5. I’ve paid for the conference or oral/poster, but I don’t turn up. Will I get certificate just because I’ve paid?
No you’ll not get certificate. But if you send someone else on your behalf, certificate will be given to that person (with his name on the certificate).
6. Are there facilities for accommodation?
Yes, if necessary accommodation will be provided (with charges).
Contact: +91-8148181230 or +91-7708784023 for accommodation requests.
7. Will food be provided or should we make arrangements for ourselves?
Yes, lunch and snacks will be provided during the conference (no extra charges).
8. Can I access Wi-Fi in University premises?
9. Is there any dress code?
Yes. Within the University campus, boys are requested to be in formal attire and girls in Chudidhar with dupatta (strictly sleeveless tops, leggings and jeans are not allowed).
10. Who should I contact if I have other questions?
Joint Secretary: Dheeraj Lakshmana Bharathi, Contact: +91- 8148181230.