​National Seminar on
Next Generation Device Design

January 7, 2017

Dr. Renu John

Dr.Renu John is the Associate Professor and Head of the Department for the Department of Biomedical Engineering at IIT Hyderabad. He completed his MSc. from Cochin University of Science and Technology. He received his PhD from IIT Delhi and has worked as a Research Associate at Duke University from 2006-2008 and at University of Illinois from 2008-2010. His fields of include Biomedical Imaging, Optical coherence Imaging and microscopy, Nanoparticles and target specific imaging

Dr. N. Balasubramanium

Dr. N. Balasubramanium is the Director of the Chennai Diabetic Centre, Villivakkam, Chennai. He is a Diabetologist and General Physician with 27 years of experience in the field. He completed MBBS from Madurai Medical College and Post Graduate Diploma in DIabetology (PGDD) from Annamalai University. He is a member of Indian Medical Association(IMA). Some of the services he provides include Diabetes in Children, Diabetes Management, ECG, Fever Treatment General Health Checkup.

Dr. S.K.M. Varadhan

Dr. S.K.M. Varadhan is an Associate Professor at the Department of Applied Mechanics at IIT Madras. He completed his bachelor’s degree from University of Madras in Electronics and Communication Engineering and his master’s degree from IIT Madras in Biomedical Engineering. He received his PhD from Pennsylvania State University and is undertaking projects funded by DST and IC&SR on Studies of motor learning and co-articulation in novel typing tasks and Rehabilitation of Hand Function in Stroke Patients respectively. His areas of interest include movement neuroscience, finger/hand biomechanics, bimanual coordination, motor behavior, motor learning and rehabilitation.

Dr. Syrpailyne Wankhar

Dr.SyrpailyneWankhar is a lecturer of Transducers and Instrumentation for physiological measurement and biophysical foundations of electrodiagnostics for the Department of Bioengineering at CMC Vellore. She completed her bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Madan Mohan Malviya Engineering College, Ghorakpur and her master’s degree in Biomedical Engineering from IIT Bombay. She received her PhD from CMC Vellore and has worked as a Research Assistant at AIIMS, New Delhi. She is undertaking projects funded by DST and her areas of interest include sensor development for physiological measurement and clinical application, medical instrumentation and electrophysiology.