Plasma Compendium

Plasma Compendium is a non-profit student organization for the welfare of society, successfully running since 2009 and saved many valuable lives in crucial moments. Our Plasma Team comprises an Organizer, Chief Coordinators, Student Coordinators and Volunteers.

  • We provide free blood donation service to the society!
  • We readily help our College students/faculty and their family members with the approval of our University.
  • We voluntarily help the other needy persons with the consent of the donor’s parents/spouse/guardian.
  • We conduct periodic blood donation camps with the direction from our University.
  • We don’t disclose the personal data of donors and patients without their consent.
  • We organize events and awareness programs about blood donation, organ donation and health issues inside our college campus.
  • Even during the pandemic, we have tried and have donated blood for the needy.In the month of September 2021 alone, we have fulfilled 3 requests by organizing 4 donors.
  • We are now regularly active on Instagram too, and we try fulfilling the requests from dm’s in it.
  • From the time of pandemic, we have been getting requests from all over South India, and we have fulfilled numerous requests.

Major Acheivement of Plasma was the first to help out victims of the Vallam Accident that happened on 15th August 2017 by Donating more than 10 Units of Blood. The Support Given by Plasma Compendium was recognised appreciated by the Thanjavur Medical College Hospial.

On 23rd December 2022, PLASMA along with NSS had conducted a BLOOD DONATION CAMP at SASTRA University and donated 106 units of blood. This blood was donated to the TMC Hospital, Thanjavur. Dr. Velmurugan, District Blood Transfusion Officer at TMC, Thanjavur had appreciated our efforts and contribution in this Blood Donation Camp.

To register as a Student Donor

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  • Giving blood is a protected interaction.
  • A sterile needle is utilized just a single time for each contributor and afterward disposed off.
  • Blood gift is a basic four-venture measure: enrollment, clinical history and scaled down physical, gift and rewards.
  • Every blood contributor is given a small physical check, really taking a look at the giver's temperature, blood tension, heartbeat and hemoglobin to guarantee it is alright for the giver to give blood.
  • The real blood gift regularly takes under 10-12 minutes.
  • The whole interaction,from the time you show up to the time you leave, takes about an hour and 15 min.
  • The normal grown-up has around 10 units of blood in his body.
  • Around 1 unit is given during a gift.
  • A solid contributor might give red blood cells like clockwork, or twofold red cells like clockwork.

A Note to Donors :

The main explanation contributors say they gift blood is on the grounds that they "need to help others."
Two most normal reasons refered to by individuals who don't give blood are:
"Never suspected about it" and "I don't care for needles."
One gift can assist with saving the existences of up to three individuals.
If you started giving blood at age 18 also, gave like clockwork until you arrived at 60, you would have given 30 gallons of blood, possibly making a difference save in excess of 500 lives!

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