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UNIT V: Conversation Practice                                                                           12 Periods

               Language Functions:  Greetings; Seeking/Giving Information; Agreeing/Disagreeing; Seeking
               and giving advice/suggestions; Apologising; Thanking and Responding to thanks; Expressing
               reservations;  Exclamations;  surprise,  pity,  wonder,  sorrow;  Politeness  markers;  Short
               Dialogues; Tongue-Twisters. Discussion on recent issues; improving communication using

               TEXT BOOK
               Complied by Department of English, SASTRA.


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               LEARNING OUTCOMES
               By the end of the course, the learners will be able to:

                  Unit I    Write simple and grammatically correct sentences

                  Unit II   Appreciate poetic devices for language learning

                  Unit III   Apply the experiences of great personalities in real-life situations

                  Unit IV   Improve various modes of writing skills

                  Unit V    Speak well in particular situations relating to various business activities.
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