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SASTRA Deemed to be University                                               M.Sc. in Physics (Integrated)

                                                                                L    T   P  C
                    Course Code: PHY102                                         4    1   0   5
                    Semester: I

                                                 PROPERTIES OF MATTER

                    Course objective:
                    The objective of this course is to introduce the learner to:
                         Various  physical  properties  of  matter  such  as  stress,  strain,  elasticity,  viscosity,
                          surface tension and pressure.
                         Concept of fluid dynamics, which is important to understand various applications of
                          liquids and gases

                    UNIT – I                                                                   15 Periods
                    Stress,  Strain,  Moduli  of  Elasticity  -  Elastic  Constants  of  an  Isotropic  Solid  -  Their
                    Interrelation - Poisson Ratio - Work Done in a Strain - Torsion - Couple per Unit Twist –
                    Determination of rigidity modulus – Static torsion method- work done in twisting a wire -
                    Torsional Oscillations - Torsion Pendulum.

                    UNIT – II                                                                15 Periods
                    Bending of Beams:
                    Expression  for  bending  moment  –  Expression  for  depression  –Cantilever  oscillation  –
                    Expression for time period – Experiment to find Young’s modulus – Non-uniform bending –
                    Experiment to find Young’s modulus by Koenig’s method – Uniform bending – expression
                    for elevation – experiment to find Young’s modulus using microscope.

                    UNIT – III                                                               15 Periods
                    Viscosity of Fluids
                    Archimedes’ Principle - Stream Lined and Turbulent Flow - Poiseuille’s Formula - Coefficient
                    of Viscosity of Liquids (Burette Method) - Reynold’s Number - Stoke's Law - Coefficient of
                    Viscosity of Higher Viscous Liquids (Stoke's Method) - Searle's Viscometer - Lubricants.

                    UNIT – IV                                                               15 Periods
                    Surface Tension
                    Molecular  Interpretation  of  Surface  Tension  -  Surface  Tension  and  Surface  Energy  -
                    Excess Pressure over a Curved Surface - Excess Pressure Inside a Drop and Bubble -
                    Variation  of  Surface  Tension  with  Temperature  -  Angle  of  Contact-  Quincke’s  Method  -
                    Formation of Drops - Drop Weight Method.

                    UNIT – V                                                                  15 Periods
                    Fluid Dynamics
                    Fluid  Pressure,  Thrust  and  Centre  of  Pressure  -  Centre  of  Pressure  of  a  Rectangle  and
                    Triangle  -  Stability  of  Floating  Body  -  Meta  Centre  -  Metacentric  Height  -  Variation  of
                    Atmospheric  Pressure  with  Altitude.  Equation  of  Continuity  -  Euler’s  Equation  for
                    Unidirectional Flow - Torricelli’s Theorem - Bernoulli’s Theorem and Applications.

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