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SASTRA Deemed to be University                                               M.Sc. in Physics (Integrated)

                    Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs):

                    The Integrated M.Sc. Physics programme at SASTRA aims to provide in-depth analytical,
                    problem solving and experimental knowledge to students in frontier areas of theoretical and
                    experimental physics, so that they are able to use the knowledge to study real-world physical
                    problems, demonstrate proficiency in mathematics and the mathematical concepts needed
                    for a proper understanding of physics

                    The  programme  educational  objectives  of  the  M.Sc.  Physics  degree  programme  are
                    designed to enable the learner to:

                    PEO1. Gain knowledge of fundamental laws and principles in a variety of areas of physics
                    along with analytical skills to understand the physical systems around us
                    PEO2.  Become  proficient  in  selected  topics  from  theoretical  physics  to  analyze  a  broad
                    range of physical phenomena
                    PEO3. Develop the ability to deal with physical models for understanding new and unfamiliar
                    problems theoretically

                    PEO4.  Gain  laboratory  skills  to  make  measurements  and  analyze  them  to  draw  valid
                    PEO5. Get trained in using modern techniques in physics and scientific methodology

                    PEO6. Receive high-level, internationally competitive training in theoretical and experimental
                    physics that can be used for engaging in meaningful research independently and as part of a

                    PEO7.  Become  humane  and  technically  competent  graduates  with  highest  degree  of
                    professional ethics and integrity who can make positive contributions to the society

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