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SASTRA Deemed to be University                                               M.Sc. in Physics (Integrated)

                    Programme Specific Outcomes (PSOs):

                    Upon successful completion of this programme, learners will be able to:

                          PSO1. Explain the basic laws of physics and various natural physical phenomenon
                          and link the learnt concepts with the observation

                          PSO2. Perform  experiments to test the  outcome  of  basic physics  concepts  and  to
                          create  new  skills  and  tools  and  apply  the  acquired  knowledge  to  solve  real  time

                          PSO3.  Explain  the  interrelations  between  theory  and  observation;  the  role  of
                          systematic  and  random  experimental  errors  and  methods  used  to  analyze
                          experimental uncertainty and compare experiment with theory

                          PSO4. Engage in independent research work to produce significant results, analyze
                          and interpret the results and present them as a technical document

                          PSO5. Communicate effectively to a technical audience

                          PSO6.  Contribute  to  the  welfare  of  the  society  with  ethical  and  environmental

                          PSO7.  Engage  in  lifelong  learning  skills  in  the  broadest  context  of  scientific  and
                          technological change

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