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SASTRA Deemed to be University                                               M.Sc. in Physics (Integrated)

                                                                                            L  T  P  C
                    Course Code: ENG110R01                                                  3  0  0  3
                    Semester:  I

                                               ENGLISH COMMUNICATION – I

                    Course Objectives:
                     1.  The course helps the learners to acquire basic grammar and sentence writing skills
                     2.  The classic literary texts aim to develop their literary appreciation skills
                     3.  The learners are introduced to different modes of writing and given practice in writing
                         letters and essays

                    Unit – I: Functional Grammar                                       10 Periods
                      1.  Articles
                      2.  Prepositions
                      3.  Tense Forms
                      4.  Active Voice and Passive Voice
                      5.  Phrasal Verbs
                      6.  Reported Speech
                      7.  Degrees of Comparison

                    Unit – II: Poetry                                                          8 Periods
                       1.  Rabindranath Tagore –      Where the mind is without Fear
                       2.  William Wordsworth  –      The Solitary Reaper
                       3.  Shelley             –      Ozymandias
                       4.  Robert Frost        –      The Road Not Taken
                       5.  Oliver Goldsmith    –      The Village School Master

                    Unit – III: Prose                                                    7 Periods
                       1.  A. P. J. Abdul Kalam  –    My Visions for India
                       2.  Francis Bacon       –      Of Studies
                       3.  Jesse Owens         –      My Greatest Olympic Prize
                       4.  R. K. Narayan       –      The Blind Dog
                       5.  C.E.M. Joad         –      The Way of the Mahatma

                    Unit – IV: Writing Skills                                            8 Periods
                    The  writing  process;  Mind  Mapping;  Note  making  and  Summarizing;  Precis-writing,
                    Transcoding; Modes of Writing: Narration, Description, Comparison and Contrast, Argument,
                    Enumeration, Persuasion, Cause and Effect, Process Writing; Writing Essays using Specific
                    Strategies;  Paraphrasing;  Formal  letters:  Letters  to  College/University  authorities,  letter  to
                    Government Departments/Corporate Agencies, Letter to the Editor.

                    Unit – V: Conversation Practice                                    12 Periods
                    Language  Functions:    Greetings;  Seeking/Giving  Information;  Agreeing/Disagreeing;
                    Seeking and giving advice/suggestions; Apologising; Thanking and Responding to thanks;
                    Expressing reservations; Exclamations; surprise, pity, wonder, sorrow; Politeness markers;

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