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SASTRA Deemed to be University                                                                    M.Sc. (Chemistry)


               The programme educational objectives of M.Sc. Chemistry degree programme are designed

               PEO1. Train  the  learner  in  fundamental,  advanced  and  interdisciplinary  topics  in  organic,
                      inorganic, physical and analytical chemistry

               PEO2. Impart hands-on training to the learner on modern instrumentation and techniques
               PEO3. Enable  the  learner  to  critically  analyse  complex  problems,  become  competent  in
                      performing experiments with high precision and accuracy, and formulate sustainable
                      solutions based on chemical principles

               PEO4. Prepare  the  learners  to  excel  in  industry,  academia  and  research  through  strong
                      comprehension of chemistry concepts
               PEO5. Create graduates who will be able to effectively communicate their scientific knowledge

               PEO6. Inculcate ethical principles and create individuals committed to professional ethics and

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