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SASTRA Deemed to be University                                                  M. Tech. (Medical Nanotechnology)
                    Programme Educational Objectives:

                    The  M.  Tech.  programme  in  Medical  Nanotechnology  is  a  unique  interdisciplinary
                    programme that integrates the principles of science, mathematics, engineering and medicine
                    to develop nanotechnology-enabled solutions towards personalized healthcare and human
                    The programme aims to:

                          PEO1. Impart advanced concepts and integrated principles biology, chemistry, and
                          engineering to the learners
                          PEO2.  Empower  learners  with  techniques  and  skills  to  explore  the  interface  of
                          biology, materials science, and engineering
                          PEO3.  Provide  a  nanotechnology-oriented  approach  in  biomaterials,  tissue
                          engineering and medical imaging
                          PEO4. Give  hands-on training in  laboratories for reinforcing  theoretical  concepts in
                          PEO5.  Train  learners  to  design,  develop  and  implement  unique  nanotechnology-
                          based strategies that will help to solve challenges across biology and medicine

                          PEO6. Transform the learners into confident and responsible individuals capable of
                          working independently as well as a team member with competent soft skills, social
                          responsibility, and professional ethics

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