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SASTRA Deemed to be University                                                  M. Tech. (Medical Nanotechnology)
                                                                                            L  T  P  C
                                                                                            5  0  0  5
                    Course Code: BIE101
                    Semester: I
                                                    MEDICAL SCIENCES

                    Course objective:
                    This  course  will  enable  the  learners  to  understand  the  anatomical  and  physiological
                    functions of human body at different cellular/tissue/organ and organ systems levels

                    UNIT - I                                                                      14 Periods
                    General principles of gastrointestinal function, motility, nervous control, and blood circulation,
                    gastrointestinal  motility,  propulsion  and  mixing  of  Food  in  the  alimentary  tract,  secretory
                    functions of the alimentary tract, digestion, and absorption in the gastrointestinal tract

                    UNIT- II                                                                      14 Periods
                    NERVOUS SYSTEM
                    Nervous  system  &  its  components,  peripheral  nervous  system,  somatosensory  systems,
                    visual system, auditory & vestibular system, chemical senses, spinal organization of motor
                    function,  autonomic  nervous  system  and  its  central  control,  cerebrospinal  fluid  and  brain

                    UNIT- III                                                                     14 Periods
                    CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM
                    Blood  and  its  composition,  circulation,  Heart-gross  anatomy,  cardiac  muscle,  chambers,
                    valves,  cardiac  cycle,  regulation  of  heartbeat,  blood  vessels,  arterial  &  venous  system,
                    microcirculation & lymphatics, peripheral circulation & its control, control of cardiac output,
                    role of kidney in regulation of circulation

                    UNIT - IV                                                                     13 Periods
                    EXCRETORY SYSTEM
                    Ultrastructure  of  human  kidney  &  nephron,  urine  formation  by  the  kidneys  I-  glomerular
                    filtration,  renal  blood  flow,  and  their  control,  urine  formation  by  the  kidneys  II-tubular
                    processing  of  the  glomerular  filtrate,  regulation  of  extracellular  fluid  osmolarity,  sodium
                    concentration& acid-base balance

                    UNIT - V                                                                      20 Periods
                    Respiratory  system:  gross  anatomy-lung,  associated  structures,  pulmonary  ventilation,
                    pulmonary  circulations,  gas  exchange-transport  of  oxygen  &  carbon  dioxide  through
                    respiratory membrane, tissue oxygenation, control of breathing
                    Endocrinology: Introduction, pituitary hormones, thyroid hormones, adrenocortical hormones,
                    pancreatic islets hormones, parathyroid hormones, reproductive hormones, male & female

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