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SASTRA Deemed to be University                                             M.Tech. (Power & Energy Systems)


               Upon completion of the M. Tech.  Power & Energy Systems programme, the graduates will be
               able to

               PO1.  Independently carry out research / investigation and development work to solve practical

               PO2.  Write and present a substantial technical report / document.

               PO3.  Demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area of Power & Energy Systems

               PO4.  Perform simulation and analysis of power system network comprising conventional and
                       renewable  energy  systems  using  professional  industrial  software  packages  to  provide
                       solutions to critical system integration issues.

               PO5.  Participate in collaborative-multidisciplinary engineering / research tasks and work as a
                       team member in such tasks related to Power System domain, giving due consideration to
                       economic and financial intricacies, and lead the team in specific spheres.

               PO6.  Develop  competency  to  carry  out  advanced  research  activities  in  power  engineering
                       through acquired technical knowledge, based on literature survey, and propose solutions
                       through appropriate research methodologies, techniques and tools, and also by designing
                       and conducting experiments.

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